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[Nettime-ro] Fw:her position in transition_call for submissions
Irina Cios on Tue, 30 Nov 2004 13:48:22 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] Fw:her position in transition_call for submissions

International Women Art Festival
Vienna, March 4th-18th 2006

Female artists from all corners of the art world are invited to put forward their productions, projects and theoretical concepts for participation in HER POSITION IN TRANSITION. The festival will take place the first time from March 4 to 18, 2006 - during the Austrian presidency of the European Union - in various theaters and cultural spaces of Neubau, Vienna.

HER POSITION IN TRANSITION is not only the title of the festival; it also describes the artistic and discursive orientation of its subjects matter. Questions relating to the interplay between politics and the individual, gender and generations, old and new role perceptions will be addressed. International guest appearances, discourse events and workshops will provide the framework for an encounter and dialogue between female artists and theorists.

We are inviting projects (already produced or in the planning stage) and theoretical contributions which are suited to guest performance and which focus on the interests of women, female perspectives and female perceptions. The central emphasis should be on manifestations of movement - political, geographical, cultural and artistic - and one's own positioning in the transition of paradigms. Particular emphasis will put on the concept of »turning point« as a trigger of change.

Female artists need space and resources if they are to achieve public awareness on a par with their male colleagues. On initiative of the KosmosTheater, which is dedicated to women's art, numerous cultural institutions in the Neubau district will be collaborating in making available their facilities and resources to the festival HER POSITION IN TRANSITION. The festival will welcome performances for public sites as well. The festival aims to provide a variety of opportunities to the widest possible range of productions and stimulating activities. Within the festival structure, the KosmosTheater will serve as the focal point for exchanges, networking, meetings and communication.

Submissions are invited from internationally active women artists (or artists' groups with women in at least one artistically prominent position) of any artistic field who have so far presented the greater part of their work outside Austria. In view of the core subject matter of the festival, special attention will be paid to transdisciplinary / interdisciplinary projects.

Structure of submissions (maximum 10 A4 pages):
1. Project concept and clarification of how this relates to the festival subject matter
2. Outline description of the project (not exceeding 1.000 characters)
3. Detailed description of the project along with its realisation and intended procedural flow
4. Information on the project group and clarification of the group's position within its field of art
5. Number of participating persons (including CVs)

Additional material:
Pictorial material, sound media, videos (VHS, DVD), CDs, reviews of project (where already produced), CDs/reviews of similar, earlier projects (where the project is planned), addresses of relevant web sites, etc.

Deadlines and selection procedure:
Artists and artists' groups must submit their concepts by January 31, 2005 (date as postmark).
Projects will be selected by a jury made up of creative artists and cultural theorists working with the festival organisers and their cooperation partners. The selection process will be finalised by March 31, 2005.

Submission documents are produced in German or English. Performances/activities may be submitted in the respective national language - although translatability must be considered in view of the selection of contributions.

Financial reimbursements:
The Festival will provide: artists' fees, accommodation costs, catering. Travel costs in exceptional cases.

KosmosTheater in cooperation with numerous regional, national and international partners
Contact point / Festival centre:
Siebensterngasse 42
A 1070 Vienna (Austria)
Tel. +43 1 523 12 26
Fax. +43 1 523 12 26 - 16
office {AT} kosmostheater.at

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