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[Nettime-ro] despre Manifesta 5, din nou...
vladimir bulat on Wed, 1 Dec 2004 13:08:34 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] despre Manifesta 5, din nou...

        Despre bienala "Manifesta 5" aproape ca nu s-a discutat la noi, iar
reactiile la acest mare eveniment au fost foarte diverse si extrem de
incitante. Mi-a atras in special atentia comentariul Marinei GrŽiniĆ, care
intuieste o schimbare de perspectiva si ideologica in sistemul de promovare
a tinerelor generatii de artisti:)))Am selectat doar un fragment (pentru
a-l citi integral a se accesa: 

http://artefact.mi2.hr/_a03/lang_en/report_manifesta5_en.htm), dar care se
refera exact la ce ne "doare" pe noi(unii!), anume la ne-participarea
artistilor din zona Balcanilor la cea mai importanta bienala din noua

                    ochiul de veghe,


      "At M5, no artist from the territory around former Yugoslavia,
Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Hungary, etc. is taking part in the exhibition.
At first sight, it seems as a punishing gesture especially toward the
Balkans. It seems that the cannibalization process by Germany and Austria
is now completed and following the number of exhibitions dealing with the
Balkans, it is no longer necessary to go to searching for new artists. Let
us be precise, Manifesta as a concept was from its beginning presented as
an opportunity for newer generations of not yet well-known artists, and
dealing with the new map of European art and culture after the fall of the
Berlin Wall, in order to connect East and West, South and North. But what
we get in M5 is a completely unbalanced situation of names; most of them
affiliated with the current art market and gallery spaces. For example, I
asked one of the artists, Misha Stroj (born in Ljubljana, which he left
when he was 3, heading with his parents to Vienna), how it came that he was
selected? As it is also a must, according to Iara Bubnova, that the
curators have to travel to different spaces in Europe! Which was not
possible to be said for the M5 curators. They did not come to Austria or to
Slovenia, for example. He told me that he just received a mail from the
curator! Stroj is very well rooted within the gallery system (good for him)
and very well rooted in the mentality of commercial western art. And so he
is circulating, as are many presented at M5, circulating between magazines,
private galleries, etc.; they are “children” of Flash art as well, of the
community of new artists presented in Flash art".

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