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>From Moment Factory
moment 18:  by j {AT} momentfactory.com and music by Ambiant 5 by Peabody
moment 32: Martha Carter's Xdance /  buenos aeres, chasing the moment, she 
waits. night falls. jealousy. wander. wonder. lust. lost.

moment 33: Les Passagers and music by pheek
moment 35: by  Cinetic and  music by  Funckarma
moment 37: by Victoria, BC / the Rodis come together. 3 for the price of 
one. we promised we'd never grow old, now i can only be young with them. 
prefere!  .j.
moment 38: Suzan Poyraz and music by Keran Malikcki-Sanchez / A pair of feet 
go many places but arrive nowhere.  There are no endings; only pauses and 
new beginnings. What is more important, the goal or the trip?  Suzan.
moment 40: moment by  Moment Facory  music by  Underworld    / in transit. 
Les Ailes de la Modes launch VJ source.
moment 41:  by  Moment Factory & Circo de Bakuza   music by  Ladytron / F1 
Imposter party event. everything happened. twice. big collaborative effort. 
Jessey, Neelan, Carlito, Sakchin, Dom, Miglego, .j., Emmanuelle. childhood 
fantasies.  i recall tomorrow.
moment 42: moment & music by  Pam Schneider
moment 49:  fashion shoot for Itsus t-shirts. dragging a pencam below the 
grass. sun setting, tiny cam starts producing a beautiful interference (the 
green lines and blotches were made in cam). Following day, the cam part of 
the pencam is missing (as big as my little finger). i had to rent a metal 
detector and walk across the field, back and forth, over and over again. 
thankfully worth it. the shots of Josha (Sakchin's son) were filmed where i 
grew up. Josha directed those shots himself; he told me where to place the 
camera, walked up the hill, ran towards me and let himself fall right in 
front of it. only 3 and already making moments.  music by  James. Remixed by 
Biosphere .j.

moment 54: Moment by  Jonathan Raddatz  & Jordi Montblanc / You know that 
feeling, when you like someone so much you just want to squeeze them to 
death. similar feeling you might get with this film. Jordi Montblanc 's 
self-critical video makes us all wish we could face ourselves on that level, 
and manage to be so helplessly funny about it.

Lo Iacono - Digital Snapshot
What does a moment look like ? Can snapshot freeze a moment in time ?
In DIGITAL SNAPSHOT, motion fragments were captured and rearranged in a new 
visual context via unconventional digital manipulations. A long take camera 
movement cycle generates a unique "digital painting". In this case DIGITAL 
SNAPSHOT enables the viewer to experience a virtual walk through a beautiful 
park during summertime.

Mathieu Rouget  - "Vu" and "Pour Maman"
Mathieu Rouget
Born in 1974, Mathieu Rouget is graduate of l'Ensba in 2002. He takes part 
at collective exposures and festivals (France, Paris: Brood of Cordeliers, 
Palais of Tokyo, Passage of Retz, Procédés Chenel, Vidéoformes, Tres Court, 
cinema Balzac, l'entrepos, Divan of the World, Batofare, Ghost ship; Center 
d'art Rhodannien, Belgrade, Vienna, Beirut, London, Shangai, Peijing...) 
Adapting its practice to the most traditional supports like most modern 
(drawing, print, ceramics, video, animation, Internet), it tends  to address 
to the spectator by an often purified feature. By does means more "simple 
possible" and various techniques, it try to set up and to develop an 
evolutionary, comprehensible visual vocabulary by everybody, at the border 
of the languages, the practices.

tiger magazine  issue 4-8
When and how did tiger begin?
While studying at Hochschulefur Gestaltung in Germagny in the summer of 
2000, Japanese graphic designer Takeshi Hamada was asked by a student of the 
on-line department to submit a digital work for a project, and he created a 
flip-book in Flash. Although the idea was turned down at that time, he kept 
the idea as a prototype of the screen magazine, and started publishing 
"tiger" in the winter of 2000.
Where can I buy tiger?
tiger is a screen magazine on the internet, and there is no printed tiger. 
As long as you have the internet connection, it is free to browse at 
Where is tiger based? and Who is tiger?
It was Frankfurt in Germany at the time when it was launched. Now Takeshi 
Hamada is in Tokyo, and Tetsuya Goto, the supporting staff, is in Osaka. 
Since tiger is the screen magazine, anywhere can be the base as long as we 
can have the internet connection.

mihaela kavdanska / dilmana stefanova
Mihaela Kavdanska with Dilmana Stefanova are well-known video artists who 
works and lives between Romania and Bulgaria. They are noted for their tight 
relationship with the avantgarde art movement in Bucharest. Their musical 
videos and projections use improvisation and the daily urban background as a 
source of continuos inspiration.
SMS video: I'm in car - I'm in town - I'm downtown - I'm everywhere - I'm 
alive - I'm alone. everything becames short. sms or google. it's short

Sima Khatami  - interditment
Sima Khatami born in 1977 in Teheran, Iran
works and lives in Paris

matei branea
"John Smith" a comical and observant look at human beings.
www.branea.ro or www.cartoons.ro

harald scherz
One of the young artists from austria who are playing between vj culture, 
film and art. Finishing political studies, and starting to study fine arts. 
Observer of the social enviroment. Well, you have to see his movies. "1 at 
the price of 3" , "walking and talking" and "the whole problem"

mundo mix no1
"When he doors of perception are opened things appear how they really are 
Jim Morrison

The Social team invites you to its 1st edition of 'Mundo Mix' an event aimed 
at exhibiting ideas through talent creativity and diversity. From 3 
continents 10 artists will bring you visual delight through their creations.

Ciprian Muresan
"If Bunuel had seen 'Shrek', he would have probably regretted not having 
done it himself. If Dali had seen 'Shrek', he would have probably claimed to 
have done it himself. Yet, such issues of paternity are truly irrelevant in 
this case. The acting characters fade away when the idiosyncrasy of the 
gesture that renders them relevant is lost in ritualistic repetition. The 
repeated gesture, devoid of its authors' circumstantiality, attains a 
cultural value that pertains either to a sacred register in those societies 
in which the reproduced image still has the ability to impress, or, in the 
contemporary age, to a visual code whose intricate ramifications are strong 
enough to baffle and unnerve the uncommitted viewer. Indeed, if a cartoon 
character at the beginning of the XXI century casually imitates things seen 
in a surrealist manifest-movie eighty years older than him, the world we are 
living in at present must be troubled by definitions of identity and the 
mechanical and irrational reproduction of patterns."
Cosmin Costinas 2004 

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