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[Nettime-ro] International Culture Fair "Caucasus 2005"
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[Nettime-ro] International Culture Fair "Caucasus 2005"

 Dear Sir/Madam,


Respect /Ghenador


With this letter we would like to inform that International 
Culture Fair "Caucasus 2005" is on its arrival for the month of October 14-21, 
2005 in Tbilisi, Georgia. The International Culture Fair "Caucasus 2005" will be 
held for the second time in the region. Participant countries vary from all over 
the world: from Europe, post soviet countries, the United States, Asia, as well 
as attending visiting producers, managers, famous art experts, agents, 
representatives of art festivals and auctions. Its initial mission aimed to 
rebuild the ancient Caucasus marketplace.



First time will be organized Caucasian Show cases in theatre, 
music, cinema and visual arts and grafts. Show cases will be presented most 
remarkable creative personalities and there master pieces ( e.g. Georgia will be 
presented by famous theatre director Robert Sturua, marionette theatre director 
Rezo Gabriadze, ballet theatre by Nino Ananiashvili and Georgian National 



During the Fair will be organized three conferences:

a/ "A Soul for 
Europe": European cultural policy beyond the European Union.
How to involve Caucasian actors 
in the Berlin Process.Follow up meting after 
Berlin conference " The Soul of Europe".


b/ Caucasian Arts Managers Meting


C/ Art and 



Stichting Caucasus Foundation, co organizers of the events 
are Felix Meritis Foundation, Ministry of Culture of Georgia, Tbilisi Music 
Center, Georgian National Gallery and various national and international 


We hope see you in oldest European city Tbilisi during the 
International Culture Fair. The staff will try to do all there best for your 
nice stay with beautiful see sides, unique Georgian cuisine and very exciting 
Show Cases.  

Here are attached application form and general information 
about the Fair and we are looking forward to meeting in Tbilisi. The rest of the 
information include show cases will be sent on your request.


Best wishes,

Team of the International Culture Fair "Caucasus 2005"  



Mr. Iuri Mgebrishvili

Executive Director


45 Chavchavadze ave. Tbilisi, 0162, Georgia

Tel/Fax: +995 32 25 0089

Mob: +995 99 563694

E-mail: cultfair2003 {AT} lingua.edu.ge

           iuri {AT} lingua.edu.ge



Trimite cele mai frumoase felicitari virtuale prietenilor tai!

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