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integer on Sat, 24 Dec 2005 05:31:44 +0100 (CET)

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>>Atitudinea beepfashion
>>refuza insusi acest tip de ceremonialism etatist al eroismului.
>Zidurile orasului tip metropola vor fi imbrezate fie cu reclame fie cu gra
>>fitti. Asta este vocea strazii sau care i se adreseaza ei. Nu vad viitor (indepa
>>rtat) nici pentru reclame nici pentru grafitti, dar momentan nu vad vreo cale de
>> salvare a zidurilor.

Good work is loving the work. Bad work is loving the outcome.

I can only applaud billboards + shopping bags.
The body of a a a soul is a a a grocery bag.






                         HOMO ISOLATUS - gives way to - HOMO KOMMERCIALIZ

                             \/\ globalization macht ganz glucklich + frei!!!!!!

          but humans are the slaves of words. they rage against materialism
          yet they forget that there has been no material improvement that
          did not spiritualize the world.  

          ... there have been few spiritual awakenings
          that did not disperse the faculties of the world in sterile hope.

          trade, social organization + kombat have sorted genes with rigor, pampering those able to
          handle increasingly sophisticated human inter.actions, + punishing those unable to dance 
          the networking tanz.

          social integrators have been celebrated through out history.
          [you may care to venture a guess as to the greatest 20th century integrator a +?]
          experts in web building are given larger, more sanitary \ hygienic + stylish living spaces, more
          generous and nutritionally varied alimentary data [the loveliest integrators are vegetarians +
          adore pastries - pl!!!!!!z], extravagant bibliotekx and servants [manual labor and birth 
          are contra.indicated for 01 smooth + supple exterior]

          query  :   what has been the most superb routine for web building \ connecting people +?

          antwort:   CONQUEST!!!!!!

          query  :   exakt. + what does nn want to methodically conquest next?

         story :   the mongols took china in 1215 ad., conquered its landmass, 
                   and translated 1/3 of its human population. et apres ....
               :   apres +?

               :   apres the chinese culture launched 01 sublime + invisible contra.attak.
                   the mongols learned to live in cities, to utilize chinese firearms
                   and rule through a chinese-style administration (which included the
                   taxation of peasants evidament).
               :   apres +?

               :   apres = the chinese learned to eat yogurt.

               :   ! lv++ yogurt.

               :   as does your skin.

               :   alors +?

               :   alors = conquest is the needle which stitches together all simply delightful societies.

               :   and bodies +?

     karl marx :   it is not the consciousness of humans that determines their being, but
                   on the contrary, their social being determines their consciousness.

            nn :   o. hello you.

        stalin :   it was plato's fault!!!!

     karl marx :   warm. compassionate smile.

  genghis khan :   i have a patent on the mobile metropolis.

ingmar bergman :   the powers of hell kontrol the weather!!!!

  adolf hitler :   postmodern fundamentalists are masters at the craft of enemy konstruktion 
                   and the manufakture of a siege mentality.

            nn :   fear is a form of arousal.
  adolf hitler :   that is very effeminate!

            nn :   so are your trousers dear.

        stalin :   "hah"

  adolf hitler :   a whole nation was gripped by the truth and reality!!!

            nn :   aggression drowns confusion's agonies.

  genghis khan :   my first flag was simply white.

            nn :   the first responsibility of a leader is to define reality

        stalin :   the first responsibility of a leader is to dress the youth!!!!

     karl marx :   all worker bees are female. male bees are famous for their casual lifestyle.

  adolf hitler :   d'accord ...

        stalin :   je sais. je sais.

            nn :   there is a woman in the hand. there is a wound in the woman.
                   there is a hand in the wound. life is stronger than the awareness of mind.

  genghis khan :   good ideas are not adopted automatically. they must be driven into them.
                   pluralism by the sword!!!!!

            nn :   another wound 2 make it tremble.

        stalin :   pluralism, pluralism. pluralism everywhere ... and nary a drop to drink!!

            nn :   warm. compassionate smile.
     karl marx :   jell-o is almost all water and yet in jell-o, water can stand up.

  genghis khan :   my first flag was simply white.
                   subsequently a black moon was added.

          story:   the key to this transformation is that gelatin, the other component in jell-o
                   is made of collagen, a protein which pulls coats of water molecules around
                   itself as if it were dressing in layer after layer of winter clothes.
                   when water bundled proteins velcro together one has jell-o.

  adolf hitler :   ... i feel the impellent desire for a cream-puff. ... adio.

        stalin :   .......... my hair is red. i will miss you.

            nn :   the scars on all of us create a human passion. ... even granite knows solitude.

  genghis khan :   as i walked in the sun, i fell into a grecian mood.
                   the body blossoming full in the fragrance of philosophy.
                   the perfume of hours distilled in silence; the heavy perfume of mysteries untouched by human fingers.

ingmar bergman :   it is not a question of heroism but of flow.

         story :   the room is filled with minds in various stages of pregnancy ...
                   covering all things with a mist of smoke, deforming. transforming. 

            an :   flesh touching flesh generates a perfume, while the friction of words 
                   generates only pain and division.


                              ORDNUNG \+\ DISZIPLIN

                                                        | | z!mpl plznt W0Rk

[p-un_kT-pr_o-T?k_oL] Ø f Ø Ø Ø 3       |
                 herausgegeben vøm !nternat!onalen
!nst!tut f:ur ordnung |+| d!sz!pl!n
       : / / www.m9ndfukc.org

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