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[Nettime-ro] changes at Shtichting De Appel
stefan rusu on Sat, 24 Dec 2005 08:57:43 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] changes at Shtichting De Appel



Ann Demeester (born 1975), currently director of the Amsterdam artist initiative W139, is to become the new 
director of De Appel Foundation in spring 2006. She will succeed Saskia Bos, who left on 17 October for The 
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York. Demeester will assume the post of General 
Director and she will be responsible for both the exhibition programme and the Curatorial Training Programme 



Ann Demeester was chosen from a strong international field of candidates. According to Rick van der Ploeg, 
Chairman of the Executive Committee, the committee believes that she was the candidate most capable of 
pursuing De Appel's mission to provide a national and international forum for the latest developments in the visual 
arts. She also possesses proven managerial and organisational talents. Demeester will give new impetus to De 
Appel's role as a platform for the identification and presentation of trends and as an institute for the training of 
promising young curators. De Appel expects her to bring a new and vital flair to the organisation's work. Her 
appointment is for a five-year term.

About her new position, Ann Demeester herself says, "Artist Erwin Wurm said a while back that an artistic 
institution in the 21st century resembles a spaceship heading into unexplored regions. For me it is a wonderful 
challenge to be piloting the spaceship De Appel towards a new, as yet unknown, destination."

Demeester has been the successful director of W139 since 2002. She guided the institution through the 
transitional phase of its move to a temporary location at Post CS and has organised a wide range of events: group 
exhibitions, lectures, performances and solo presentations by such artists as Ian Kiaer (UK), Sislej Xhafa 
(Kosovo), Katie Holten (Ireland), Maze de Boer (the Netherlands), Rothstauffenberg (Germany), Paolo Chiasera 
(Italy) and Orla Barry (Ireland/Belgium). Between 1999 and her appointment at W139, she worked as a curator 
and assistant to director Jan Hoet, first at SMAK (Belgium) and then MARTa Herford (Germany).

Following the departure of Saskia Bos, Theo Tegelaers was appointed as temporary artistic director of De Appel 
and Annie Fletcher assumed responsibility for the Curatorial Training Programme (CTP). Tegelaers is organising 
the following exhibitions in 2006.

2 December 2005 - 22 January 2006
The Gravity in Art: A brief impression of the history of gravity in art. Featuring works from several generations of 
artists: Yves Klein, Chris Burden, Bruce Nauman, Bas Jan Ader, Roman Signer, Sam Taylor-Wood, Aernout Mik, 
Pipilotti Rist and Johanna Billing.

10 February - 26 March 2006
Katharina Grosse: For De Appel, Grosse is producing a 'total painting' using her gravity-like way of working, 
adding unusual objects and materials to the spaces.

Note for editors: for more information please contact Nicolette Enke, public information officer, phone +31 20 625 
5651, or visit our website at: http://www.deappel.nl


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