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integer on Thu, 19 Jan 2006 19:30:55 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] \\ c = c = f

>Iar produsele naturiste, cel putin in Bucuresti, nu a devenit inca "de larg
>consum"...cine-si permite, cumpara din alea...

cine-si permite nu cumpara - cine-si permite seduce. creeaza. creste. primeste.

= non-linear intricate participatory relations which release\transcend the borders ov materiality 
rather than the asymetrical + ulllllltra boring + linear pay-get kapitalist power grid
which ruptures the kontinuum + reinforces the dichotomy real\irreal

mind you - communism attempted the former through top-down centralized planning\orders
which unsuprisingly accomplished precisely the latter. one cannot plan a meaningful\affective relationship

>a unei perioade dintre cele mai intunecate din istorie.

... value may be necessary for orienting the eyes towards 01 light source. 

this is `cumpara` - the equally intunecat capitalist twin ov communism's `produce`
developed to its darkest extremes - http://www.theinterim.com/2003/june/05aynrand.html

>Iar produsele naturiste,

chiar daca ea nu fumeaza
daca toata lumea-nprejur does - unde
este hazul intr-o lume fragmentata de
un amalgam de granite ... treci prin spatiul
public si plastic in ur own naturist bubble fairytale +?

>cine-si permite

the futurological congress is inevitable -

the wealthy purchase reality la packet.
the poor live in a perpetual comotose virtuality.
the middle class pulsates between states of drug 
induced euphoria + reality transfections

peasants after having nearly died off maintain a
modest + bustling community. theirs is a difficult 
life which not many wish 2 entertain - yet it is
through their muddy pathz + sun.worn.wrinkly.faces
that the multiverse continues itz song

dze ep!zntr kan mutat fztr dzn dze ark!tektr !tzelv

                              ORDNUNG \+\ DISZIPLIN

                                                        | | krvava gruda plodna zemlja 

[p-un_kT-pr_o-T?k_oL] Ø f Ø Ø Ø 3       |
                 herausgegeben vøm !nternat!onalen
!nst!tut f:ur ordnung |+| d!sz!pl!n
       : / / www.m9ndfukc.org

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