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Re: [Nettime-ro] \\ ar ma ta + vir tu a li ta te
Gabriel Baldovin on Sat, 21 Jan 2006 14:25:48 +0100 (CET)

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Re: [Nettime-ro] \\ ar ma ta + vir tu a li ta te

    Armata e cu noi!
    Armata e gunoi
    (n-ai fost in Romania cand se striga asa?)

 >armata  e  gunoi  -  linear

 dar  apropos  de  cruce  -  interesant  deoarece
 cimitirele  s-au  mutat  din  centrul  oraselor
 la  periferie  ...  unde  este  si  gunoiul

 armata  ca  un  display  de  forta  [virtual]  este  acceptabila  -
 dar  mortii  [material\realitate]  sint  ascunsi  -  de  exemplu  guvernul  sua
 a  interzis  accesul  public  la  soldatii  americani
 ucisi  in  iraq.  statiile  tv  de  asemenea  ascund
 imaginile  grafice.

 soldatii  ca  si  spectatorii  sint  din  ce  in  ce
 mai  insulated  from  the  actual  killing. modern  kombat  is  increasingly  bkming  a  video  game\virtual

 humankind  has  always  had  a  tradition
 for  uniting  the  material  +  virtual  worlds.
 yet  technology  has  democratized  +  materialized  this  process
 so  that  practically  anyone  can  access  mixed  reality  worlds
 -  lets  call  it  affordable  mysticism.

 much  as  our  food  [which  was  discussed  prev]  is  becoming
 increasingly  synthetic  [a  synthetic  mimicking  and  grown  in  reality]  so  war\kombat\armata  is  bekoming
 increasingly  virtual  ...  beyond  the  abstractions  \  dehumanizing
 protokols  ov  komabt  -  collateral  damag e.  object  nr.etc

 reality  may  bkm  the  most  formidable  weapon\wisdom
 surpassing  god  -  so  that  the  freedom  fighters
 will  say  not  god  is  great  but  reality  is  great.
 on  the  other  hand  this  has  always  been  so.

 desigur  ca  si  cu  produsele  naturiste
 cei  care  isi  `permit`  o  sa-si  permita
 o  vacanta  in  realitate  si  iarna  si  vara

 cei  care  nu  isi  `permit`  o  sa  se  joace
 in  zapada  cu  optiuni  -  culoare.  texture.
 traiectorie.  temperatura  ...

 o  lume  in  care  ai  control  asupra
 fiecarui  aspect  poate  fi  innebunitoare
 d ar  nu-ti  face  probleme  -  google  is  ur
 personal  mediator  between  the  real  and  irreal.
 simply  load  any  profile  ov  `reality`  that
 complements  ur  current  mood  and  voila  -  instant  myriad  gratifications.

 you  mustn't  worry  -  `reality`  [tm]  is  completely  crash  \  pain  proof.
 not  even  the  girl  u  seem  2  spend  so  much  time  with  will  break  the  illusion
 you  see  we  have  edited  _it  out.  and  ...  after  all  -  perhaps  it  is  that  you  also
 have  become  `real`  ...  welcome  to  a  world  [tm]  of  infinite  pote ntial  in  the
 absence  ov  it.

 m9ndfukc.macht.frei  _-


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