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[Nettime-ro] \\ de vin zare
integer on Sat, 21 Jan 2006 17:52:15 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] \\ de vin zare

>Nu, eu am ajuns cind se scanda "Nu ne vindem Tara!"...Acum, nu mai e nimic
>de vindut!!!Dupa 16 ani Romania nu mai are (aproape) ni(mi)ka de vinzare,

The Hungarian wants only a glass of water and a gypsy fiddler to make him drunk.

`oh viola, i dont know, i dont know where i could still climb ...`
`to me ...` viola would say quietly, and he felt himself almost in a frenzy.

Every gypsy woman is a witch.
Every woman is at heart a witch.

nu vinzare - vrajitoare + basme + palinca = the cocktail ov life

i am now the circulation of meaning, of the eternal possibility, communication as a being.

don't give me a name, i'll disappear,
a child, an idiot, a madman,
a name without a name closed in my world.
i want to be free to wish, to wish to disappear,
in a pulsation, blended with you,
my heavenly lover.
you change my self into
pure energy, into a fluid, a rush, a pulsation of love.
without fences, without name, without meaning.
only the lively movement of a double being.


>poate doar femei frumoase, si baieti inteligenti. 

vrei sa spui domnisoare si domnnisori domnul bulat ...

>Din pacate, nici unii, nici altii, 
>nu au imaginatie destula sa se vinda suficient de scump.

amuzant cum te separi si

>Capitalul nostru e vitual.

si te impreunezi

baiat intelegent


this is the salty rain tumbling down in the labyrinth of moistures
leaving behind the lusterless panes of economic dwellings.

it begins not in love but in the desire to live.
but is love so far off when, after climbing up through the
wind to the great square house above the sea, two bodies
cling close together, while from the far horizon the
soft breathing of the sea rises to this room cut off
from the rest of the world ? the marvel of night,
when the hope of love is one with the rain, the sky,
and the earth's silences. exact balance of two beings
joined together by their bodies, and made alike by a commom
indifference to everything which is not this moment in the world.

when i arrived there my first thought was
perhaps i achieved such an effort
that time had made 01 komplete revolution

at the border krossing all i kould hear was her pulse
already earlinesz opens the bak ov dze klok
i step in

i am at the station from which i had departed on my initial journey
it has remained as it was without change

all lives that i could have lived begin here
there is the 01 girl who kould have been mine + uaznt ...
same eyes. same hair ...

she looks around as if making fun ov me
i point my chin at her
she raises the corners ov her mouth as if 2 smile then stops
bkz she has changed her mind or bkz this is the only way she smiles

i do not knou whether that is a kompliment but i take it as 1

- i sold u today [she whispers
- who bought me +?
- a stranger ... like u


                              ORDNUNG \+\ DISZIPLIN

                                                        | | krvava gruda plodna zemlja 

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