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[Nettime-ro] Fw CID Circular - March 2006
Irina Cios on Wed, 12 Apr 2006 17:18:56 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Fw CID Circular - March 2006

 CID Circular - March 2006

1.  Grants and scholarships for dancers
Available free-of-charge to current and former professional dancers who can demonstrate having earned their livelihood from performing as dancers.

2.  Fellowships in arts management
Fellowships require a 40-44 week commitment and are available to work with seasoned professionals in the areas of artistic and technical production, arts administration and community engagement.

3.  Travel subsidy grants
Travel subsidy grants of up to $2,000 are available to theatre directors, producers, presenters, managers, artists and agents to see work by ensemble theatre companies who have initiated a dialogue with them about a long-term partnership. Other grants are available to community-based ensembles for touring.

4.  Opening for a Senior Lecturer
University in the UK has an opening for a Senior Lecturer in Dance & Performance Studies. Salary: 38,772-46,296 pounds per annum. Closing date 24 March 2006.

5.  Past Circulars
For opportunities announced previously you can visit the CID web site  

International Dance Council - CID
Presidentâs Office
president {AT} cid-unesco.org


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