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[Nettime-ro] PfC e-bulletin 21/ titlurile lunii
Asociatia ECUMEST on Thu, 15 Jun 2006 11:44:24 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] PfC e-bulletin 21/ titlurile lunii

A aparut numarul 21 al buletinului electronic Policies for Culture. Intre titlurile numarului pe mai-iunie 2006 se afla:

> proiectul 'Europe Lost and Found: Lost Highway Expedition' in Balcanii de vest; 
> stiri si evenimente din regiune: 'Mobile Studios' in Sofia; Altered Identities - workshop on Contemporary Art and Nationalism (Pristina); Mind the Gap. European Digital Culture Networking Event (Cluj-Napoca); 
> oportunitati de fellowship si training pentru artistii si managerii culturali din estul Europei: ArtsLink Residencies & Independent Projects Awards 2007; GIOCA - Graduate degree in Innovation and Organisation of Culture and the Arts (Bologna); 
> publicatii si resurse online: portalul 'LabforCulture'; 'Art and Revolution. Artistic Activism During Long 20th Century'. 

Acestea si multe alte informatii sint disponibile la: http://www.policiesforculture.org/issue.php?id=49&t=b. 


Policies for Culture is a framework programme of the ECUMEST Association (Bucharest) and the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam). In South East Europe, Policies for Culture is managed by the ECUMEST Association. 

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