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Re: [oldboys] insert rant
Cornelia Sollfrank on 6 Jul 2001 13:05:12 -0000

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Re: [oldboys] insert rant


>Insert rant ///
>Like what politics are at play when Sadie Plant gets dissed so
>regularily for having written some texts ages ago where she described 
>a vision of cyberfeminism that many of us disagree with? So what? 
>There are plenty of women (and men) who had their cyberfem say. Why not 
>refute it instead of just dismissing her work categorically? Or assuming 
>that her work was ever meant to encompass all the possible
>manifestations of CF? This is really troubling me. Sometimes I can't
>even  sleep just thinking about it!
> /// end rant

i am not sure whom you're talking about. 

sure, there has been a lot of critique on sadie's work, precise critique like from caroline bassett at the last cyberfeminist international, and less precise, very emotional critique, but this is exactly what it is all about: you set something, a text, a piece of art or whatever, and then interested people start to analyze and critizise it. the best would be, if this person then would answer and react to it. then you could  start a discourse. 

the problem is that cyberfeminism is very often equated with sadie plant. her work has been so well marketed and is so popular, that it sometimes happened that i.e. an interview with me had got the title 'the net is female'. because i am a declared cyberfemist journalists use sadie's slogans to title my work. this triggers even more my need to distinguish myself from her approach, because i would never use such a nonsense slogan, except ironically. and, sadie's writing has been very determining and appropriating at certain points, that's why i think it is normal that many women say, hold on, we don't share your opinion. why shouldn't we formulate our opinions and critique?    

one of the main ideas of obn, as  i understand it, always was to open the specific approach of the mothers of cyberfeminism. to take the term, and develop a concept and structure, a context, in which the term functions as reference term, but at the same time, highly different approaches produce a discourse. a discourse on contemporary feminisms, on gender and queer issues in the times of the digital medium, of postcolonial and postcapital globalization.

more on your thoughts about lists in general later.

best, c.

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