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Re: [oldboys] re:HAL JO HO HO
rachel baker on 11 Jul 2001 10:41:59 -0000

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Re: [oldboys] re:HAL JO HO HO

> Hm, you just summed up some of my social qualities and next tell me they
> are only male geek habits???
> And next my powerplant would suck more then a men design of a powerplant.
> Mathilde
> p.s. A male geek just read my message and concluded : " It is now
> officially a men affair?"
> Not to me and many other girls
i know, mathilde
remember, officially, i have not been entirely serious
eg i never wash either
male geek-baiting is just a current hobby of mine
female geeks are cooler cos they are more of a rare breed


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