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[rohrpost] Paul Garrinīs new Project
Peter C. Krell on 27 Dec 2000 00:42:57 -0000

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[rohrpost] Paul Garrinīs new Project


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Delivery-Date: Sun Dec 24 17:52:05 2000

Hi Peter,

Christmas greetings to you, too....

I know about ccc but I can't go there :(
this time...let me know if there's a netcast
and the possibility to participate in the
discussion with Andy.

If you go, please be sure they don't forget
to discuss Name.Space!
...and tell them about the "dot-sucks" web
contest!  http://dot-sucks.forum.xs2.net

I wish you luck on putting together your
conference...please let me know how it
goes and I'll try to make it if I can.

Best wishes for the New Year!


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dem kann man sich nur anschliessen...
also, guten Rutsch...
see you at ccc for subversive info-swaps and everything else...

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