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[rohrpost] eva sjuve in Hamburg
Malte Steiner on Wed, 26 Nov 2003 17:37:31 +0100 (CET)

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[rohrpost] eva sjuve in Hamburg

Eva Sjuve in Hamburg Freitag, den 28. November 2003

10:00 Musikhochschule Hamburg (Harvestehuder Weg 12, 20259 Hamburg)

Sjuve stellt Ihre Arbeiten und Hardware - Controller in der Klasse Georg 
Hajdus vor.
(Raum Grün 401)

21:00 Hörbar (Brigittenstr.5, 20359 Hamburg) 21:00 Eva Sjuve

mit den Performances '13 Volts & 1 carrot' und 'fake radio'

"13 Volts and 1 Carrot is an interactive performance using real-time 
sound processing. The length of the performance is around 20 minutes.
The narrative in 13 Volts and 1 Carrot is a surreal response to cultural 
differences of the stranger and the local community, based on 
ethnological stories from Northern Europe, communicated through sound, 
gestures and movements.
It is movements and gestures that change the sound. Sensors are attached 
to legs and arms, and there are additional sensors at my right hand. The 
whole performance is improvised and interacts with the environment.
I like to think about 13 Volts and 1 Carrot as a narrative field - to be 
examined in terms of movements, gestures, tempo, loudness/silence. The 
sounds used are all processed in real-time. The source of the sounds 
used come from recorded natural sounds, to completely synthesized sounds.
The gestural interface is built on a PIC micro controller, and the sound 
is processed using MAX/MSP."

Eva Sjuve ist Head Of Sound Expression am Bergen Center For Electronic 
Arts in Norwegen.

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Malte Steiner
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