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2. Marianna Padi: Are There Sexual Strategies in the New Media?
3. Mark Chapman: hippy cull
4. Critical Art Ensemble:Utopian Promises-Net Realities
5. Pit Schultz:Hi John,
10. Tetsuo Kogawa:Toward Polymorphous Radio
12. Paul Garrin:The Disappearance of Public Space on the Net
13. Paul Garrin:Security through InSecurity
15. Peter Lamborn Wilson:Net-religion, a War in Heaven
16. Pit Schultz: www.random.gov
17. Geert Lovink: A Small Net in a Big World
18. MediaFilter: Re: Rewired
19., 20. Critical Art Ensemble: Electronic Civil Disobedience
21. Ted Nelson: the Ted Report
22. Critical Art Ensemble:Nihilism in the Flesh
23. Malcolm Howard: Modern Information Technology a Dirty Industry
24. David Corn: Pentagon Trolls the Net
25. Andreas Broeckmann: CDA/Barlow
26. Paul Garrin:Liberation of NameSpace
27. Critical Art Ensemble: Posthuman Development in the Age of Pancapitalism