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<nettime-ann> [event] [chicago] New Media in Mexico City!


New Media in Mexico City!
a panel discussion with: Eusebio Ba=F1uelos, Arc=E1ngel Constantini and

Mario de Vega
on Wednesday 2006.04.05 4:30 PM
[FRAY] - Film, Video and New Media Department
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
112 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60603

New Media in Mexico City, a panel discussion with Mexico City based =20
curators and organizers Eusebio Ba=F1uelos (Video artist and Moving =20
Image curator at The CENTRO MULTIMEDIA), Arc=E1ngel Constantini (Net =20
Art, Web Art and New Media curator, organizer and artist) and Mario =20
de Vega (New Media, Sound artist and musician). Join us to hear from =20
and engage in conversation with hese accomplished and active young =20
curators and learn about the dynamic and very different ways in which

New Media manifests in Mexico City!

* Eusebio Ba=F1uelos is the Moving Image and Video curator at The =20
CENTRO MULTIMEDIA (the Multimedia Center) in Mexico City. The CENTRO =20
MULTIMEDIA is a major hub of New Media arts in Mexico City if not the

premier venue and institution for New Media art.

* Arc=E1ngel Constantini curates Net Art, Web Art and New Media =20
projects and is the director of the encuentros efimeros (ephemeral =20
encounter) project. Constantini also curates the inmerso cyberlounge =20
museo tamayo (cyberlounge museum tamayo) space for New Media, Net Art

and Sound projects. As an artist, Constantini is a part of the =20
internally recognized New Media collectives and collaboratives =20, and

* Mario de Vega is a New Media and Sound artist working =20
collaboratively in the f4rm project. Mario de Vega is based in Mexico

City and has participated widely in international digital arts events

such as the OPEN AIR - A RADIOTOPIA project at ARS ELECTRONICA =20
FESTIVAL 2002 and mutek.

* (A) MEXICAN r4WB1t5 macro.Fest brings these artists, organizers and

curators and 6 of their peers from Mexico City to Chicago to =20
organize, participate and perform these decentralized events. This =20
r4WB1t5 macro.Fest runs for 4 days from THURSDAY 2006.04.06 until =20
SUNDAY 2006.04.09 in 4 spaces. The CHI-TOWN ARENA (a Mexican =20
wrestling venue in Pilsen), EN3MY (Chicago's most recent art space =20
dedicated to sound and art in Wicker Park), BUSKER (audio/visual =20
projects and new media programming in East Village) and POLVO =20
(Pilsen's alternative art space) will all host individual micro.Fests

on each day of the expanded macro.Fest. These free and open events =20
are organized and curated by Eusebio Ba=F1uelos, Arc=E1ngel Constantini,
David Somellera, Rogelio Sosa and Mario de Vega from Mexico City and =20
facilitated in Chicago by Amanda Gutierrez, jon.satrom and jonCates.

* [FRAY]
The New Media in Mexico City panel discussion is a part of the =20
distributed [FRAY] New Media series in the Film, Video and New Media =20
Department at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

* Upcoming [FRAY] screening at Conversations at the Edge:
Thursday 2006.05.04 @ 6:00 PM CALCULATIONS: Pioneers of Computer =20

* Upcoming [FRAY] Conference in the Department of Film, Video and New

Saturday, 2006.05.13 @ 2:00 - 6:00 PM Discussions with Annette =20
Barbier (UNREAL-ESTATES and Interactive Arts and Media Department =20
Columbia College), Ryan Griffis (The Temporary Travel Office, =20
YOUgenics and The School of Art & Design University of Illinois at =20
Champaign Urbana), Mark Hansen (Professor in English Language & =20
Literature, Cinema & Media Studies; University of Chicago), Lynn =20
Marie Kirby (California College of the Arts), PILOT TV, Rob Ray =20
(DEADTECH and dorkbot Chicago), Lincoln Schatz (OPEN-NODE and The =20
Upgrade! Chicago) and Daniel Tucker (AREA Chicago).

* Links:

Eusebio Ba=F1uelos:
Arc=E1ngel Constantini:
inmerso cyberlounge museo tamayo: http:/ http:/ http:/
Mario de Veg
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