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<nettime-ann> [ann] monochrom Assumes Ownership of the "Lord Jim Lodge"


monochrom Assumes Ownership of the "Lord Jim Lodge"

Vienna (OTS) ? As announced at the press conference in Berlin's Cafe 
Einstein, the Vienna group monochrom has assumed ownership of all 
trademark and usage rights of the artist Joerg Schlick's "Lord Jim 
Lodge". Schlick, who died in December 2005, developed the brand name 
together with Martin Kippenberger, Albert Oehlen and Wolfgang Bauer 
during the 1980s. This takeover has far-reaching consequences for 
numerous artistic endeavors. In cooperation with the Berlin art 
consulting agency Teyssandier-Springer, monochrom has lodged claims 
asserting its rights in the affair while simultaneously inviting the 
owners of the works in question to negotiate a satisfactory out-of-court


Shortly before the artist's death, monochrom purchased from Joerg 
Schlick in a package deal all rights pertaining to intellectual 
property, copyright, trademark, and usage in accordance with national 
and international regulations.

These include:

o the trademark: "Lord Jim Lodge"
o the trademark logo: "Sonne Busen Hammer" (Sun Breasts Hammer)
o the trademark slogan: "Keiner hilft Keinem" (No one helps nobody)

Furthermore, additional agreements were made devolving to monochrom any 
and every legal claim pertaining to resale rights involving the 
artwork "Lord Jim Lodge".

In practical terms this means: without the agreement of the owners of 
the trademarks specified above, those works that contain these 
trademarks may not be used in any way. This applies first and foremost 
to reproduction and exhibition.

Legal action is being considered against galleries such as the NGBK in 
Berlin, Galerie Bleich-Rossi in Vienna and the Forum Stadtpark in Graz, 
which in view of planned upcoming exhibitions run in danger of 
infringing on these rights.

This approach is intended to create a foundation for franchising 
concepts and artistic "restartups". Thus, in cooperation with 
Teyssandier-Springer, monochrom is investigating the acquisition of 
additional trademarks with a high symbolic value but low real capital 
volume. Netbase (Institute for New Cultural Technologies, Vienna) and 
the artist group ubermorgen.com (Prix Ars Electronica 2005) have been 
named as potential precarized candidates for acquisition.

Download the press conference:


Roland Gratzer
Tel.: +43 650 999 6870
rg AT monochrom.at

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