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<nettime-ann> en) Greece - libertarian anarchist forum in greece + autonomous spaces + autonomous playground

libertarian anarchist forum in greece
dick duck asi_punk at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 19 11:46:15 PDT 2006


Hello there, here's some information about the libertarian anarchist forum that
will take place in Athens between 4th-7th of May at the time when the 4th ESF
will be happening here. There will also be an "autonomous spaces" gathering as
well as the "autonomous playground" inside the ESF, so i will send more
information soon.  greeting, ilias      Libertarian, Anarchist and
Antiauthoritarian Forum

            On the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th of May 2006 we organize the
Libertarian, Anarchist and Antiauthoritarian Forum, in Athens (at the
Polytechnic School, ?Gini? building) in Greece, based on the following points:

- Total rejection of Capitalism and State, as forms of violent and coerced
social organization, responsible for the economic and social impoverishment of
humanity as well as for the ecological destruction of the earth. Today,
Capitalism and State are today carrying the so-called ?War on Terror?, sowing
death, imposing military occupation, building torture camps and intensifying
looting of the Global South. They are responsible for murdering and expulsion
of refugees and immigrants, for savage exploitation, for the effort to impose
militarism on societies and for exercising repression and control over fighters
and the oppressed people in the western metropoles. They exclude the exploited
people of the goods they produce and denote humans into commodities subject to
the laws of the marketing.

- Against Capitalism and State, we enact self-organized social struggles against
their political substitute and mediation and against any kind of consent to
domination. We reject every form of hierarchy, authority, enforcement,
ascendancy and hegemony, either as means to subdue society generally or as
means to manipulate social struggles.

- We enact social solidarity in our fight against any kind of fabricated
ideology such as racism, sexism and nationalism which function as a means of
reproducing the State and Capitalism, creating fake separations.

- We fight for a society of equality and liberation of people, without classes
and states, without prisons and borders, without exploitation and oppression.

The Libertarian Anarchist Antiauthoritarian Forum

  eaaforum at yahoo.gr
   -extra info
autonomous spaces

May 2006 the European Social - "Autonomous Spaces" / Open Public Ephemeral Zone
Dear friends,

We inform you that during the first week of May 2006 the European Social
Forum will take place in Athens. At the same time the open assembly for the
creation of the "Autonomous Spaces" / Open Public Ephemeral Zone
will use a university space in the centre of Athens and will produce an
ephemeral autonomous zone that will try to bring together all the grassroots
anticapitalist, autonomous and antiauthoritarian collectives, groups and
movements. Together we will try to co-create an open public space that will
give the opportunity to all the libertarian radical utopians, anarchists,
antiauthoritarians, libertarian communists, green anarchists, antisystemic
marxists, anarchoprimitivists, the squats, social centers and all
anti-hierarchical collectives
from any lineage of the modern libertarian thinking -action to present their
express their ideas, and come to public dialogue with the other collectives.
This is an open invitation for all the creative political and cultural affinity
and personal initiatives to participate in the creation of the zone and the
of the social and political agenda.

You can send your propositions to take part in the general program of the
until 15th of April.

We would like to let you know that this congregation will give us the
opportunity to create an antiauthoritarian autonomous zone and express our
ideas. It will also provide the ability to each collective to organize its own
prepare and present its own lectures, workshops or documentary shows
and participate to the general assemblies and forums.

We announce below the thematic issues of the assemblies and the forums and we
wait from you the expansion and the enrichment of this catalogue with your
own propositions:

*City movements and Ecology
*International Movements and New Technologies
*Social Centers, Squatting
*Direct Action
*Sexism and Homophobia
*Libertarian, Anarchist and Antiauthoritarian Ontology
*Contemporary Every Day Life and Future Social and Cultural Movements
*General Assembly: Autonomous ? Anticapitalistic Space and Antiglobal Movement

The whole procedure according to the preparations until now will take place
on five phases (more ideas can be organized and much more actions can take
place through the _expression of initiative):

a) Autonomous Spaces / Open Public Ephemeral Zone / Athens 4-7 May 2006
Four days of open public dialogue, networking of information, lectures,
info-centers, books or pamphlets exhibition, live internet shows,
film shows and documentary video projections and open celebrative public

b) Action of Solidarity and Social awareness outside of Immigrant's
Concentration Camp

c) Actions of Social awareness at the City Market and other Working spaces

d) Meetings and workshops at the social centers of Athens

e) Total Freedom Street Parade / organized by Void Network
An open invitation from Void Network to all the anarcho-ravers, the
technical sound-systems, the psychedelic trancers, the space travelers to
built a global celebration of social awareness in the streets of Athens
that will send in all over world the message of the fight for Total Freedom

We believe that it would be very helpful any collective which would like to
take part in this festival to prepare for traveling, to prepare their
lectures, and to help with the publicity networking.

According to the economical difficulties of some collectives we can
understand that some of them can not organize the traveling in Athens,
so we offer them the opportunity to participate and express their ideas
through books or pamphlets exhibition that they can send or to appear
through live internet shows, film shows and documentary video projections.

We look forward for any reply from you as soon as possible.

The workshops that have already been proposed are:
1) Precarity & working straggles
(Autonomous Working Initiative ? Greece )
2) Greek capital in the Balkans & the exploitation of the Balkan proletariats
(Autonomous Working Initiative ? Greece )
3) Security & & Supervision
(Autonomous Steki ? Greece )
4) Local movements in the city
(Autonomous Initiative of Hlioupoli - Greece )
5) Political prisoners in Greece & Europe
(initiative against state terrorism - Greece)
6) Libertarian, Anarchist and Antiauthoritarian thought and action
in the present and the future
7) movement for free camping
((VOID NETWORK ? Sunseeds ? activists from Autonomous Anticapitalist Network ?
Greece )
8) Fighting back against surveillance of electronic communications
(Information Liberation Front - UK)
9) Anarchism in the USA
(?Alex Trocchi?- USA)
10) ?Human rights for Indigenous Autonomous spaces? for the human rights and
civil liberties of all indigenous people
(By Unimundal.)
11) Feminism and Sexism
(Priya ? USA)
12) Fight against G8 ? Germany 2007
(Gipfelsoli collective - Germany)
13) Homophobia and rasism in the Israelian society
(Queeruption - Israel)
14) Art and Activism Caravan (border crossing project)

15) Precarity movement
(Wombles - UK)
16) Euromayday experience ? Italy 2006
(Wombles - UK)
17) Chartography in the hands of the movement
(Frassanito network)
18) History & actions of Earth First!
(Earth First! Brighton - UK)

Thank you,
The open assembly for the creation of "Autonomous Spaces" Open Public ephemeral

If you want to help:
You can forward this message to all the collectives and persons that you think
they might like to participate in the co-creation of this

You can announce this invitation to your site

You can print this invitation and put it in all infoshops, squats and social
centers of your area...

You can do whatever you like for to make this experiment come alive and have
some of your creativity....

In the next weeks it will be ready the poster of the gathering so you can help
us to print
and distribute posters in your area....

Thank you very much

contact: autonomouspacesathens2006@gmail.com
contact for street parade: voidinternational@gmail.com ////

autonomous playground
timetableolak @ Tue, 2006-04-18 01:05

 time workshop colletive
10:30 first meeting: Organizing Activities, Distirbuting Responsibilites in
autonomous playground (OADR)
11-13 Activism and the movement Virus and clown army
workshop  A school for
Chiapas campaing
13-15 clown army training clown army
15-16 Food
16-18 workshop on Euromayday
process, how is it going what is happening in Europe (presentation -
feedbacks from Spain, Paris and Germany) invisibili
18-20 Workshop on cartography in
the Borders - actions against the borders with an emphasis in the

Meditareannean and the South of Europe (probably to discuss a closer
coordination between Greece and Italy) (Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany)
Frassanito, Ya basta
20-22 Aseembly on migration and
precarity - european

prespectives - ways of thinking and acting on those fields
10:30 OADR
on purpose..
14-20 repression genoa + evia gipfesoli
g8 2007 in
16-20 Queer / Gender Isuues
 Sex Workers Next Genderation
 feminist perspective in
the movement, networking
 Queer perspective
(belgrade, israel, greece)
 Constructed identities
through male\female (divided groups) experience and patriarchy
21.00 Sexism inside the movement
(the conclusions of the above workshop, will be unified in a common
23.00 Queer Party
10:30 OADR
11-13 exchanging computer
knowledge the UFU experience  Underground
Free University
recycling hardware, making
art from "useless" parts
the zapatista coffee cooperatives and the solidarity distribution network in
Europe O Sporos, cooperative for alternative and solidarity trade
16  participation in
10.30  OADR
11 swimming activity
14:00 Movement Assembly autonomousplayground
& autonomous spaces - ephimeral zones
Afternoon Live / Party

there may be some good stuff at esf itself

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