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<nettime-ann> readme book announcement

We are glad to announce that Readme 2005 catalogue is out:

Readme 100. Temporary Software Art Factory
ed. by Olga Goriunova
paperback / 168 pages
published by BoD GmbH, Norderstedt
English edition / ISBN 3833443693 / euro 12

This book discusses projects and research completed in the framework
of the Readme 100 Temporary Software Art Factory, which took place in
Dortmund in November 2005 and was co-organized by Hartware MedienKunstVerein.  

It deals with the topic of production as it relates to software,
software art and software cultures. Thus, it focuses not only on
software as a product itself, but also on the experiment of its
production through methods including outsourcing, use of open source
solutions and self-production. Topics addressed include economies of
arts, desire and openness, harmony of markets, the unmarketable,
reverse outsourcing, resistant mapping and others.      

The result is a multi-faceted collection of project descriptions,
illustrations, research texts and features relating to the theme of
software art production.

Authors include: Amy Alexander, Inke Arns, Christophe Bruno, Javier Candeira, Yves Degoyon,
Elpueblodechina, Olga Goriunova, Francis Hunger, Sven Konig, Eric Londaits, Alessandro Ludovico,  Ilia Malinovsky, Alex McLean, Special guest, Julian Rohrhuber, Alexei Shulgin, 
Leonardo Solaas, Mitchell Whitelaw, Renate Wieser.

German readers can purchase the book through Amazon.de at:

Others, please, order it through your local book dealer using the
ISBN 3833443693

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