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<nettime-ann> Subtle Technologies 2006

Could you please post the following information regarding the Subtle
Technologies Festival.
Thank you.
Angella Mackey

RESPONSIVE ARCHITECTURES: Subtle Technologies 2006 Festival
Toronto, Canada

June 1-4, 2006: Subtle Technologies Symposium
May 30-June 1, 2006: CDRN Parametric Design Workshop

*Register by May 7, 2006 for discount*

How do responsive systems affect us?  Interactive art, scientific
research in complex systems and leading ideas in architecture and
design come together in this 9th annual international forum.  We
invite artists, architects, designers, engineers, scientists, and the
general public to join us in this dialogue. Research presentations and
artist talks will be complemented by exhibitions and workshops. 
Keynote lecture by Steven Vogel, author of the pioneering text 'Life
in Moving Fluids.' The Symposium is preceded by the Canadian Design
Research Network Parametric Design Workshop.

To register, and for more information visit:
Subsidized registration is offered for students and the underemployed.
Interested in volunteering? Contact us at

Partners: soundaXis, InterAccess Media Arts Centre, Canada Design
Research Network, University of Toronto Faculty of Architecture,
Landscape and Design, University of Waterloo School of Architecture

Supporters: Canada Council for the Arts, Canadian Heritage, Ontario
Arts Council Toronto Arts Council, Bentley Systems Inc.

Angella Mackey
Project Manager
Subtle Technologies
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