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<nettime-ann> La precarité toujours? - On the French protests, new social subjects and insecurity as living condition

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La precarité toujours?

On the French protests, new social subjects and insecurity as living condition

Monday, May 1, 2006 - 20.00 hrs - admission free De Balie Amsterdam

Live-stream @:

Massive demonstrations, blocked railway lines, occupied universities: the French youth succeeded with it’s energetic protests against the CPE to launch the issue of precarity into the mass media. Only months ago, youth in the /banlieues/ made their situation public, with action methods that were no less confronting. In the Netherland the term precarity is unknown. Precarity, or “precarité” in French, refers to unstable and insecure work and living conditions that have become more and more dominant in our “flexible” society.

Meanwhile, social movements from around the continent have made the topic subject of their daily political practice. On the 1^st of May, Mayday, twenty European cities will be the site of Euromayday parades and protests of temp/net/flex workers and migrants against precarity, for flexicurity and citizenship. They allude to the rise of new social subjects, Brain- and Chainworkers, and the /precariat/ as a new, fragmented proletariat. In the Netherlands, flexibility has been the reality for years: contract are generally temporary, rarely permanent and never for life – and no trade union that is still opposed to that. Work and income have become more insecure, while everyone still has fixed basic expenses, that aren’t flexible at all. With the new privatised care system and a rise in rents coming up, it looks like precarity threatens to become the norm for more and more people in the Netherlands as well.

Is the unrest in France representative for the situation in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe, or is it a local reality? Is precarity an issue, and if so, what are the consequences for our thinking about work, life and politics? Do the trade unions still have any role to play? And can’t flexibilised labour relations offer the possibility of a more autonomous lifestyle?

On the 1st of May, Labour Day, de Balie will host a discussion on these questions and more. With spoken columns, film, debate and reports of the Euromayday parades.


Anne Querrien (French sociologist and urbanist, editor of Multitudes)
Rutger Groot Wassink (Historian)
Eddy Stam (Organiser with FNV bondgenoten)


Organising the Unorganizable (32 min, VS 2004)

Entrance | free
Start | 20.00 hours
Language | English - Dutch

The program can be followed via live-stream at:


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- Jean Baudriallard – The Phyres of Autumn (New Left Review):

- wikipedia on precarity:

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