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<nettime-ann> FLAG METAMORPHOSES - Call for participation / submission

CALL FOR ENTRIES (please spread):


Next deadline: August 30, 2006.


Continuously growing and animated by as many participating
artists from across the globe as possible, the flags of all nations
in the world are morphed into each other through flash animation.

Using digital media, we can make the symbols dance: Between each
two flags, scenes will appear that show an aspect of the relations
between the two countries. This is an exploration into the meaning
of imagery on flags, aiming to create interrelated associations
through questioning, reassessing, fluidizing and re-mixing of
diverse national iconography.

To find out how to participate with or without knowledge of
Flash, please visit:


Recent and upcoming presentations (DVD screenings):

FILE International Electronic Language Festival,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March/April 2006,

Independent Arts Festival, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, and Eindhoven,
Netherlands, April 2006,

dLux Media Art, d/Art/2006 Festival, Sydney, Australia,
April / May 2006,

Switzerland, Autumn 2006: On large LED displays in 5 Main Stations
in Zurich, Bern, Basel, Geneva, Lausanne. In cooperation with and
also shown at: PROGR cultural centre, Bern.


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