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<nettime-ann> the end of excess - Hasselt, Belgium

There comes an end to everything, even to EXCESS. But before that, we cordially invite you to join us at the Z_zone on Sundays 7, 14 and 21st of May.

Z_zone is the final instalment of EXCESS, the exhibition at Z33 in
Hasselt, Belgium. That is with the Z of the alphabet, the Z of Z33,
the Z of Zone and the Z of  Zebracinema, temporarily turning into
a teletime machine for looking back at the history of excess.

Don't miss Jean-Luc Godard's HISTOIRE(S) DU CINEMA on Sunday the 7th of May.

Check out Pier Paolo Pasolini's SALO O LE 120 GIORNATE DI SODOMA on Sunday
the 14th of May.

And see Jonathan Weiss' THE ATROCITY EXHIBITION on Sunday, May 21.

All screenings start at 3pm.

Find the detailed program at http://www.squarevzw.be/XS/Z_ZONE.htm

And don't forget while in Hasselt: we also have an A_zone, lots of O_zone,
even more X_zone, some Y_zone and a very exclusive X_shop - all on display
until May 21 as part of this exhibition on images and bodies in times of

Works featured by Sergei Bugaev Afrika, Saed Andoni, Herman Asselberghs,
Heather & Patrick Burnett-Rose, Lieven De Boeck, Harun Farocki & Andrei
Ujica, Kendell Geers, Jean-Luc Godard, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Sagi Groner,
Thomas Köner, Kuda.org, Teresa Margolles, Renzo Martens, Alice Miceli,
Christof Migone, Rob Moonen & Olaf Arndt, Steve Mumford, Els Opsomer, OVNI,
Dierk Schmidt, Alexander Sokurov, Terre Thaemlitz, Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd,
Geert Van Moorter. Exhibition design by Ann Clicteur. Curator is Pieter Van

Check out www.z33.be or www.squarevzw.be/XS for detailed information.

For now, here are some introductory notes on Jean-Luc Godard's 'Histoire(s)
du Cinéma':

Godard's film history is explicitly about the failure of cinema in the face
of the century's excesses. At the heart of this work are the Second World
War and the horrors of the concentration camps. On the one hand there is a
failure to portray the deaths in the camps. But worse than this is the
failure to under­stand the images that heralded the horrors of the Second
World War. Because none of the warnings were able to prevent a catastrophe,
not that given by Jean Renoir in his ' La Grande Illusion ' and ' La Règle
du Jeu' at the end of the thirties, nor that by Charlie Chaplin in 'The
Great Dictator', nor that by Ernst Lubitsch in 'To Be or Not To' Be in the
early forties.


"Mais de Vienne à Madrid, de Siodmak à Capra, de Paris à Los Angeles et
Moscou, de Renoir à Malraux et Dovjenko, les grands réalisateurs de fiction
ont été incapables de contrôler la vengeance qu'ils avaient vingt fois mise
en scène".

(Jean-Luc Godard in 'Histoire(s) du Cinéma', quoted by Colette Dubois in her
fine article on the exhibition in the latest issue of Fluxnews)

---------------------------------------- EXCESS the exhibition @ Z33 february 12 - may 21 ---> www.squarevzw.be/XS

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