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Site Specific @ Web: #2    -
Sat. 29th Apr, 2006. 6 p.m., GMT +1

On-line web/site-specific works by ConiglioViola, ELASTIC Group of Artistic
research, Chiara Passa, Alex Pinna, Casaluce-Geiger [synusi@ virus cyborg].


IndexPage Competition 2006's ex aequo winner:
MEZ [Mary-Anne Breeze] with _ID.xorcism_
This work will be displayed as the Site Specific's website index page -
It was selected (with the other ex aequo winner, Hans Bernhard - and his work Psychotropic Drug Karaoke) by a Jury composed by
Tatiana Bazzichelli (AhA), Mauro Ceolin (artist), Corrado Mora (Site
Specific), Domenico Quaranta (critic & curator), Valentina Tanni (critic &

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