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<nettime-ann> [It's LIQUID News] BUCHAREST BIENNALE 2

Title: Untitled Document
It's LIQUID News
International Biennial
for Contemporary Art
Dates: May 25 - June 27, 2006
Location: Museum of Geology/Museum of Literature/Botanical Garden/National Dance Center/South Shop/Test Point/Skeateboard Park Herastrau/Audi Art Room
Opening: May 25, 2006, 19.00 hours, Skateboard Park Herastrau. Agent MC performance and launch of a limited edition of skateboard plates draw by Dan Perjovschi.
Artists: Erik Binder/Eduard Constantin/János Fodor/El Perro/Rainer Ganahl/Kátia Lombardi/Agent Mc/Sebastian Moldovan/Pedro Motta/Ioana Nemes/Ilona Németh/Tatsumi Orimoto/Dan Perjovschi/Catalin Rulea/Janek Simon/Áttila Stark/Aya Tzukioka/Wang Qingsong
?The icons produced with common meanings and messages in this process are the patterns of art, political life, religion, culture and subculture. The common adoption of the meaning of these units gives the basis of any visual language. From the perspective of our approach to the question of confusion, the change of the role of icons plays an important part in the sense of chaos. The signs of a politically and ideologically conducted world in any kind of totalitarian system could play with the visuals by segregating the ideological from the commercial, and moreover by separating the local use of symbols from their global sources and essential meanings. Democracy as a system opens up all of the possible uses of visual messages, which leads to parallel appearances of very different patterns. The reading of these differences is open to intellectuals up to the point where the symbols are no longer a part of the self _expression_ of local or global - less known - subcultures. The long history of the function of this practice of communities creating and using images is without doubt, just as the quantity of the used images increases with global culture, linked to the possibility for greater access to these languages, something that becomes more and more difficult.? (Extras from Zsolt Petranyi, ?Chaos: The age of confusion?, Pavilion no.9/reader BB2)
Marina Grzinic, ?Queer in Photography?
Rainer Ganahl, ?My Misery with Marx, or How I become an Artist?
Zsolt Petranyi, ?Chaos: The age of Confusion?

PAVILION 9 - contemporary art & culture magazine
?Chaos: The Age of Confusion? - special issue Bucharest Biennale 2
english, 14.5x19.5 cm, 256 pages, b&w & color plates
ISSN 1841-7337
Price: 18?
Texts by: Zsolt Petrany, Jean Baudrillard, Cristina Bucica, Alexander R. Galloway, Marina Grzinic, Razvan Ion, Alexandra Jivan, Douglas Kellner, Suzana Milevska, Ronald F. King, Cosmin Gabriel Marian, Tincuta Parv, Lia Perjovschi, Eugen Radescu, Raqs Media Collective, Marko Stamencovic, Sefik Seki Tatlic, Michel Tournier.

with draw map
folded poster, double side, map.
english, 42x29.7 cm, 2 pages, b&w.
distributed free

Razvan Ion & Eugen Radescu
Project & Communications Director:
Alexandra Hagiu-Manda
Assistant Curator:
Claudia Martins
Assistant Project Director:
Sebastian Negulescu
Communications Manager (Budapest):
Andreea Anca Strauss
PAVILION [contemporary art & culture magazine]

Partner: Mucsarnok/Kunstahalle Budapest
Financial Partners: Pilsner Urquell, Audi, European Cultural Foundation, Japan Foundation, Arcub-Bucharest Cultural Center, Romanian Ministery of Culture, Avitech, Seacex-State Corporation fo Spainsh Overseas Cultural Action Abroad.
Production Partner: Trust Team
Audiovisual Partner: Philips
Communications Partner: Zapp
Protocol Partners: Frame Club, Amroq Beverages
Media Partners: Romanian National Television, Radio Guerrilla, Sprigerin, Parachutte, Academia Catavencu, Cotidianul, Idei in Dialog, Geo, 24 Fun, Oops Media, Sensiblu.
phone: +40 726 789 426

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