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HOPES AND FEARS (a show by a group of Dutch artists)

Rael Artel Gallery: Non-Profit Project Space
L=F5una 20, P=E4rnu,  Estonia
August 1st throughout 15th, 2006

ARTISTS: Martijn Stellinga, Frank Koolen, Ola Vasiljeva, Ivo van
Werkhoven, Anne Schiffer and Marcel van den Berg.

Hopes and Fears is a group exhibition based on contemporary ethnocentric
West European societies where social structures seem to be more and more
simplified through the use of media-fueled maxims. 8 artists from the
Netherlands want to investigate the question why modern societies are
attracted to these simplifying methods that seem to be able to feed such
primal human emotions: feelings of hope and fear.

Hopes and Fears will be an exhibition that tries to deal with a society
where sometimes no gray areas seem to exist; where our fear and anger
constantly juxtaposed against our desires, dreams and hopes. The artists
therefore want to propose to create two "seperated" and contrasting
rooms that deal with this current zeitgeist; one for "Hopes"; the other
for "Fears"; a "dark" and a "white" room. The artists like to present a
confrontation of differing contemporary artistic visions on both
to the audience.

Aims of the project and project activities
With Hopes and Fears the artists would like to strive to create a
intelligible show where one can find stylistic relations between the
individual works of the artists involved. But these relations are not
dominant concern. The main ingredients of the show will be content and
feeling. Hopes and Fears is not going to be only an exhibition of works;
short public performances, readings and other ephemeral events will also
play an important role in the project. The artists clearly seek to
interact with the audience in P=E4rnu.

The works for the exhibition Hopes and Fears will mostly be
the artists want to take the location and its atmosphere (the Rael Artel
Gallery) into account while planning and creating their artworks and
touch-up the details of the concept for the exhibition accordingly.

The show is supported by ECF: Mobility Fund STEP Beyond and Royal
Netherlands Embassy in Tallinn.

Artists' site: www.hopesandfears-estonia.blogspot.com
Exhibition views: www.moskva80.com

Forever Yours,
Rael Artel
+ 372 56 460 983
+ 372 56 229 213

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