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Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2006 16:40:21 +0200
rom: "Christoph Dietz" <christoph.dietz@CAMECO.ORG>
Subject: [Wsis] Symposium "Money Matters" des Forums Medien und

2nd Symposium Forum Media and Development:

Money Matters
How Independent Media Manage to Survive

15.-16. September, 2006
Academy Eichholz Castle / Bildungszentrum Schloss Eichholz

+ Mike DeVilliers, IREX Europe: Business Management Indicators as Part
of IREX Media Sustainability Index
+ Guy Berger, Rhodes University (South Africa): Characteristics of
African Media Markets
+ Libby Lloyd, MDDA (South Africa): Supporting Not-For-Profit Media in
South Africa
+ Carsten von Nahmen, Deutsche Welle: From State to Public
Broadcasting: Economic Restrictions on the Transformation of
Radio-Television Afghanistan
+ Boris Darmanovic, Association of Young Journalists (Montenegro):
Effects of Donors' Strategies on Small Media Markets
+ Sasa Mirkovic, Radio-TV B92 (Serbia): From a Banned Local Radio
Station to a National Media Company
+ Premesh Chandran, Malaysiakini (Malaysia): The Business Strategies of
the Oppositional Internet Newspaper Malaysiakini
+ Hendra Pasuhuk, 68 H (Indonesia): Successful Market Strategies of a
Community Radio Network
+ Cecilia Valderrama, Coordinadora Nacional de Radio (Peru): Local
Stations go for National Advertising
+ Workshop "Strengthening Enabling Environments"
+ Workshop "Supporting Business/Management Strategies"
+ Recommendations for German Media Development Cooperation

Discussions on how to support sustainability of independent media
generally focus on the political conditions, the legal framework and -
especially in German development cooperation - on the quality of
journalistic coverage. Nevertheless, economic factors are of equal
importance, not only for the pure survival but also with respect to
editorial independence and the resources available to enhance or
guarantee the quality of media outlets.

What constitutes the antagonism between public mandate and market
success? How can journalistic independence be reinforced in small media
markets? How can the sustainability of independent media be strengthened
without subsidising single companies? Which business and management
models have proved to be efficient?

The symposium will analyse factors restricting or enhancing media
environments. It will introduce successful business and management
models and should result in concrete recommendations of how media
development aid could avoid past failures and support independent media
also in their endeavour to gain and sustain a sound economic basis.

In cooperation with the Forum Media and Development, the symposium will
take place at the Academy Eichholz Castle (Bildungszentrum Schloss
Eichholz) of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Wesseling.

Completed registration forms should be sent to the Academy Eichholz
Castle in Wesseling
(near Bonn/Cologne) by 31 August, 2006.

We look forward to welcoming you at the event!

Kind regards,

Michael Lingenthal
Director Bildungszentrum Schloss Eichholz

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