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<nettime-ann> AUDC NetLab Launched / Interview at BLDGBLOG (Modified by Geert Lovink)

AUDC announces the launch of the AUDC Network Architecture Lab at the
Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Preservation and
Planning. The AUDC Network Architecture Lab is an experimental unit at
Columbia University that embraces the studio and the seminar as venues
for architectural analysis and speculation, exploring new forms of
research through architecture, text, new media design, film
production and environment design.

Specifically, the Network Architecture Lab investigates the impact of
computation and communications on architecture and urbanism. What
opportunities do programming, telematics, and new media offer
architecture? How does the network city affect the building? Who is
the subject and what is the object in a world of networked things and
spaces? How do transformations in communications reflect and affect
the broader socioeconomic milieu? The NetLab seeks to both document
this emergent condition and to produce new sites of practice and
innovative working methods for architecture in the twenty-first
century. Using new media technologies, the lab aims to develop new
interfaces to both physical and virtual space.

The NetLab is consciously understood as an interdisciplinary unit,
establishing collaborative relationships with other centers both at
Columbia and at other institutions.

The NetLab begins operations in September 2006.

More on the NetLab can be found at in BLDGBLOG, where Geoff Manaugh
interviews AUDC Co-founder and NetLab Director Kazys Varnelis. See with.html

Stay tuned to this list for more from AUDC events... appearances in
the New York City area as well as AUDC's first book, Blue Monday, to
be published by ACTAR this fall.

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