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<nettime-ann> Locative Media on


edited by Miguel Leal

July 2006 issue vector #05

with Jordan Crandall,

Precision + Guided + Seeing

Ana Boa-Ventura,

The rise of the 'location-aware' generation,


Christina McPhee with Amy Wiley

La Conchita mon amour: ‘bare life’ and the traumatic landscape

VIROSE is a non-profit organization dedicated to art and media technology based in Porto, Portugal. Normally is designated simply as an organization for the theory and practice of the old and the new media (Virose - art, theory, practice). It gathers artists, programmers, architects and others and runs a server with several areas, including an e-zine [] and free hosting areas. Since the beginning of the project, in 1997, the main question was to understand digital arts in the broader sense of art. The problems of, digital art or whatever are no so different, and even less opposed, to the ontological question that put together (and apart) art and technic. Is it possible to speak about a plural of the arts without thinking also its singular? And is it possible to sustain the singularity of each art without its plural?

This is the work field of VIROSE ORG.

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Virose is supported, since 1997, by Caleida, Comunicação Global, Lda

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