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=========== INFOVIR 08.06 ===========

VIROSE ORG: informations, activities and updates [http://www.virose.pt]

INFOVIR (distribution list with informations about virose.org's activities)
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ARENA (discussion list)
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E-zine vector Series [x] new issue [x#05 LOCATIVE MEDIA - July 2006]. It includes a project by Christina McPhee [La Conchita mon amour - 2006] and, also, a conversation between Christina Mcphee and Amy Wiley [La Conchita mon amour: 'bare life' and the traumatic landscape], and texts by Ana Boa-Ventura [The rise of the 'location-aware' generation] and Jordan Crandall [Precision+Guided+Seeing].All Texts in english.

We are preparing the next issue (x#06 - GLOBAL MEDIA) and looking for papers and projects.


VIROSE is a non-profit organization dedicated to art and media technology based in Porto, Portugal.
http://www.virose.pt | http://arch.virose.pt

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