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<nettime-ann> ART: Italy at Singapore Biennale

3 art news

1 /  GENT:  ZOO logical
2 /  SINGAPORE: Singapore Biennale
3 /  TOKYO: Harajuku Influences

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GENT:  ZOO logical

Opening: Friday  August 25, 2006 at 6 pm
7 pm: DJ performance by DJ Grazzhoppas Bigband and 4 DJs will use Superflex / Animal scratch record in their bigband performance

The artists and critics:
Monika Bakke / *Stefano Cagol / Vaast Colson / Marta De Menezes /
Stefaan Dheedene / Johan Grimonprez / Katie Holten / Shih Chieh Huang /
Alon Levin / Gert Robijns / Anri Sala / David Shrigley / Superflex

Curated by Angelique Campens
More information:

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SINGAPORE: Singapore Biennale

*Stefano Cagol: Power Station

Public Art Project
1 - 2 September, 2006

Curated by Ong Puay Khim

Satellite event of the Singapore Biennale
Various public spaces throughout Singapore
1 Sep 06: Somerset, Shenton Way, Waterloo Street, The Substation, Padang
2 Sep 06: Little India, Chinatown, National Museum

Sense of belonging, nationalism, economy, and global village

POWER STATION takes the form of public intervention, highlighting contemporary influences, beliefs, pre/misconceptions and belonging. Power, in various forms extends its influence to our daily lives yet our notion of power and its extent of influence is often, perhaps deliberately, overlooked. The project challenges our understanding of identity in relation to authority, nation-hood and globalisation. Moving and interacting within/outside 'centres of power', be it cultural, political or financial, POWER STATION aptly questions their authority and invites reflexivity yet inevitably becoming an accomplice to these power games.

Presented by the IIC - Istituto Italiano di Cultura - Italian Cultural Institute in Singapore, this satellite project by Stefano Cagol is the only Italian presence at the Singapore Biennale 2006.

POWER STATION - Sense of belonging, nationalism, economy, and global village
ARTIST: Stefano Cagol
VENUE: Various public locations in Singapore
CURATOR: Ong Puay Khim, Ms
For updates on the project, visit


Ong Puay Khim, Ms, Curator
Tel: (65) 6340 9102	Mobile: (65) 9199 8721

With the support of
IIC - Istituto Italiano di Cultura - Italian Cultural Institute in Singapore
Tel: (65) 6255 3073   Fax: (65) 6352 2005
Email:   Website:

For more information on the Singapore Biennale 2006,
visit or call (65) 6837 9270.

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*Stefano Cagol: Harajuku Influences

Work in progress, daily updated video installations and performances
In collaboration with IIC â Italian Cultural Institute, Tokyo
September 8 â October 8, 2006

Finissage: October 5, 6 pm, 2006
IIC - Italian Cultural Institute, Tokyo, Umberto Agnelli Hall
With a presentation by Mami Kataoka (chief curator, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo)


Cagol will continue his research based on contemporary influences in Tokyo.

The results of his investigations will be documented in a book published by CHARTA (Milan) and released internationally in January 2007.

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