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// 22 & 23 September 2006
// Theater aan het Spui | The Hague | The Netherlands

TodaysArt festival, formerly known as the "CultuurNacht", is a yearly international and multidisciplinary festival for contemporary art and culture in The Hague, the Netherlands. This year's fourth edition of the festival takes place on September 22nd and 23rd at more than 25 locations in the city centre, both in- and outdoor. The line-up consists of more than 200 acts and artists from over 25 countries. After the success of the CTM/TodaysArt collaboration of the previous year, CTM (club transmediale), Berlin's annual festival for adventurous music and related visual arts, again has put together two ravish concert nights for the TodaysArt Festival 2006.

Headlining the first night and definitely a major high-light of this year's TodaysArt celebration is a rare stage performance by 76-year old French electronic music pioneer JEAN-JACQUES PERREY. After his memorable first-ever German appearance at this past CTM.06 festival he returns on stage for one of his eceptional shows and teams up with likeminded compatriot and strange music weirdo DAVID CHAZAM. The name Jean Jacques Perrey should be immediately familiar to electronic music fans, particularly those who are aware of the Moog synthesizer's golden age of the '60s and '70s. But unlike most of those LPs - which usually covered other artists' tunes from the Beatles to Bacharach to Bach and beyond - Perrey's albums were mostly filled with catchy, incredibly happy original tunes showcasing the man's wacky musical sense of humor. At a time when electronic music was sober and serious, the dose of humor and playful glee he brought to it was revolutionary. Berlin's CANDIE HANK aka Patrick Catani opens the night with his grotesque one-man-outer-limits entertainment show - a collision of Rock'n Roll, Moog influenced synthscapes, Belly-Dance-Punk and Gabber-like Proto Pop.

For the second night JASON FORREST and PURE host the Breakcore-mini-festival WASTED 3 and bring some of the most radical and freshest electronic music around these days. WASTED is a series of mini-festivals to celebrate loud, fast, radical and mostly electronic new musics unified by a bold spirit of unrespectful dissent, unruly enthusiasm and a mountain of positive energy, that are generally summed up under the loose terms of Breakcore, Mash-Up or Raggacore. WASTED originates from ideas offered to CTM by Jason Forrest and Pure - the two main forces behind all three WASTED festivals up to now - for its first installment as part of CTM.05 in February 2005. A CTM offshoot, WASTED nowadays is a festival in its own right. With CTM handling all production issues behind the scenes, offside music experts Forrest and Pure have both their hands free to reach deep into the music networks they are active parts of to bring up the most surprising line-ups, that boast from energy, humor, sonic mayhem and musical radicalism.Expect Cut-up samples from Metal, Hip-Hop, Ragga, Disco and whatever else the digital scissors pick as their prey; irregular beats accelerated to the max, abrupt breaks and deafening fuss, all woven into tracks that fuse wicked wit with brutality and roguish laughter with abysmal darkness. With performances by VENETIAN SNARES, OTTO VON SCHIRACH, THE SERVANTS OF THE APOCALYPTIC GOAT RAVE, FFF, LADYSCRAPER, PURE, JASON FORREST and more.

Both programs take place in the heart of The Hague, the Netherlands, at Theater aan het Spui. Please find extended information on the two programs in PDF attached to this mail. For more info or materials please contact us at DISK / club transmediale.

DISK / club transmediale
schoenhauser allee 167c
10435 berlin
fon ++49 (0)30 44 04 18 52
fax ++49 (0)30 44 04 58 27

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