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A New Public Course at the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive
Thursday evenings, October 5-November 9

How does digital media influence our perception and experience of 
space and time? What are its social implications? The first offering 
in an exciting new initiative to present public courses at BAM/PFA, 
Digital Culture 0101 gives you a chance to discuss issues like these 
with artists and experts in the field, and promises a wide-ranging 
and thought-provoking introduction to new media as they reflect and 
interact with our culture.

Digital Culture 0101 and other upcoming courses are designed to 
expand on BAM/PFA's exhibitions and programs to provide new contexts 
and ways of interacting with the arts. A spring 2007 class will 
explore the art and implications of the BAM exhibition Measure of 
Time. Like the popular PFA film-lecture course Film 50, these classes 
are open to the general public as well as UC Berkeley students (see 
below for registration details).

Digital Culture 0101 draws upon the museum's pioneering use of 
digital media and its commitment to digital art, within the larger 
contexts of UC Berkeley's increasing attention to new media and the 
Bay Area as a center of digital culture. The course offers a 
non-technical look at issues surrounding digital media through the 
lens of digital art, with special attention to works now on view in 
Measure of Time. With session topics like "space and time," "the 
body," "interactivity," "social context," and "collective memory," 
the instructor and guest speakers including Ken Goldberg, Scott 
Snibbe, Camille Utterback, Jon Phillips, all practicing digital media 
artists, will address such questions as:

- What is digital media and what makes it different from other media?
- How do people and computers interact with one another?
- What does it mean to be interactive?
- Can we believe what we see through digital media?
- Although we have more information than ever, are we becoming more

The course will be taught by Richard Rinehart, BAM/PFA's director of 
digital media and a nationally exhibited new media artist. Rinehart 
has taught at UC Berkeley for six years, currently in the Center for 
New Media. A leader in the world of digital media and museums, he has 
also curated exhibitions of digital art.

Course Schedule and Syllabus

When: Thursday evenings, October 5-November 9, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Where: Museum Theater
Cost: $225 for six-session course; $175 for BAM/PFA members and 
non-UCB students; free for UC Berkeley students

Advance Registration Required:

By phone: (510) 642-5249, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily
In person: at the museum's Bancroft lobby admissions desk
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