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<nettime-ann> [ann] Month Of Sundays A/V Performances - Archived.


Month Of Sundays A/V Performances - Archived. hosted a month of Sunday afternoon live audio visual 
internet performances throughout June 06 in the online file mixing 
platform Visitors Studio. It featured some of the most innovative 
international A/V artists mixing remotely in various geographic 
locations and time zones. Mixes were broadcast to audiences at E:vent, 
(London) Watershed, (Bristol) & The Point CDC Theatre, (New York). Each 
featured artist's performance was also followed by contributions to an 
Open Mix by audienes online as well as in participating venues.

We are now proud to present archives of each performance in full colour 
& glorious stereo.... so turn your sound system up & the lights down and

take a journey that will both educate & enthrall.

John Hopkins, Paul Wilson & James Smith, John Kannenberg & Glenn Bach, 
Roger Mills & Neil Jenkins, Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett.

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