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The free culture and urban audio strategies of Platoniq, Barcelona


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*Friday September 8 th 2006, 20:00 hrs*

TANGENT_BURN features the work of Platoniq, a group of artists, cultural

activists, and software developers from Barcelona who use their combined

art and technical knowledge to create new independent community media 
projects. Straddling the fields of communication, digital creation and 
critique, Platoniq creates bridges between the work of cultural agents 
and producers with the intention of establishing connections between 
online media and public, physical space. Their copyleft project /Burn 
Station/ which actively engages the public act of shared creative 
development and distribution for sound and audio will be open as a live 
Platoniq action for CD burning during the Wereld van Witte de With 
festival until September 10th. As part of the event, Platoniq will hold 
a free workshop aimed at local sound artists on harnessing the public 
domain for creative production. TANGENT_BURN will be streamed 
(RealMedia) live via www.v2.nl <http://www.v2.nl>

http://www.platoniq.net <http://www.platoniq.net/>/



More information: Remco Beeskow, V2_ Communications: press@v2.nl 
<mailto:press@v2.nl>. Phone: +31 (0)10-206 72 72. Website:  www.v2.nl 

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