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<nettime-ann> aDocumenta, documentation project on Asian artists and art

* * Call for participation* *

aDocumenta is a documentation project on Asian artists and art. It utilizes
new documentation mechanism of wiki:( like
the one used in It encourages open
content and open editing in the global art era. We are witnessing the rise
of contemporary Asian art and its dynamic development in global art world.
The presence of contemporary Asian art and artists at international scenes
are growing rapidly and attracting new audiences. aDocumenta is an effort to
realize organic documentation and encourage an open collaboration.

By the nature of wiki mechanism, it invites regional documentation and
random discovery enabling grass-root categorizations like
folksonomy:( as well as open
tagging. As aDocumenta web site utilizes multilingual content machine, one
can see user interfaces in native tongues. These factors give its users
better syndication of regional news and updates. Adocumenta provides a
common platform to organize, share, and edit knowledge globally and
organically with regional contexts to anyone who is interested in
contemporary Asian art.

We seek broad participations as well as regional agents; regional aDocumenta
curators who will plan and curates theme-based editions.  aDocumenta
encourages peer-review and open collaboration in accurate documentation and
the GPL Free 
ocumentation_License) We are looking for collaborators and curators to
expand documentations of local and global scenes. You could be artist or art
historian.  Join growing community of agents in learning and recognizing
trends of the Asian art and artists.

Come and join our documentation community and contribute. Please visit this
web page.

Please click the link from " Click here to join" and you can fill out the

Editor, Masanori Sugiura

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