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<nettime-ann> Call for Projects : STRP - Eindhoven, Netherlands


CALL FOR PROJECTS - Deadline 20 Oct. 2006

After a successful first edition, the STRP festival, which took place in Eindhoven, Netherlands at the end of March 2006, is launching a call for projects for its next edition, which will be taking in late April of 2007.

The focus of the festival is the common ground created at the intersection between art, popular culture and technology. The first edition which welcomed over 10 000 visitors, and received very positive attention from the press, made use of performances, installations, lectures, films, etcetera in order to convey this crossroads.

STRP takes place on Strijp-S, the 'holy' ground of the forbidden city of Philips, where in the 20th century numerous technological innovations were made which changed the world. A place where Einstein once worked, the first complete electronic music album was created and the collaboration between le Courboisier and Varese resulted in one of the most interesting amalgamations between art and technology, Le Poeme Electronique for the World Expo in Brussels (1958).


STRP is looking for projects, installations, or proposals that concern themselves with interactive art, robotics and/or Live Cinema (in the live cinema category we are looking for projects that rely on both performance and technology in order to become an audio-visual whole). All of the above in a context in which the artistic side is furthered by technology. This year we will also be paying special attention to projects, which involve light in their concept, composition, and/or execution.

The application forms are available in
PDF format -
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To find out more about the 2006 edition of the festival, including a full line-up, press-releases and photographs please take a look at:

If you have further questions please contact us at

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