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<nettime-ann> New video art DVD!

Title: New video art DVD!


Video Art Featurette plus Bonus Art Video, #1 Video Artist and DVD bonuses

by Skip Blumberg & 63 collaborators

³A mistake is not a mistake.²  ³The only way to win a race is to run alone.²  ³If you want to do it, you can do it.²  ~  Nam June Paik

NYC's art community remembers the fun-loving and wise #1 video artist.

The Video Art Featurette ³Nam June Paik: Lessons from the Video Master² (47:15), recorded at the famed artist's memorial service, contains 46 short visually-stylized often-humorous insightful interviews with friends, colleagues, collaborators and protégés; including artists Yoko Ono, Merce Cunningham, Carolee Schneeman, Davidson Gigliotti (Videofreex), Beryl Korot, Liz Phillips, Bill Viola, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Blondell Cummings, Kit Fitzgerald, and, of course, Shigeko Kubota; curators John Hanhardt (Guggenheim Museum), Wulf Herzogenrath (Kunsthalle Bremen), Barbara London and Sally Berger (MoMA); as well as NJP¹s nephew Ken Paik Hakuta. And many more.

³Bonus Art Video² (36:50), contains 17 additional interviews including video artists Mary Lucier, Dara Birnbaum, David Cort (Videofreex), Ralph Hocking (Experimental TV Center), Ira Schneider (Raindance/Radical Software), the first video art curator David Ross, and independent film pioneer Jonas Mekas, as well as a video-within-a-video of Yoko Ono¹s special performance for NJP at the Guggenheim Museum.

³#1 Video Artist² is a G-rated 9-minute edit of the Featurette especially edited for middle and high school students.

Nam June Paik¹s work broke the rules of art, television, graphics, and, because TV can use all possible media and information, practically everything else, too.

Fast-moving and entertaining for all audiences, the new DVD is also an excellent learning tool and research source for media artists, art historians and students as well as an encyclopedia of special effects, filters, colorizing, transitions, handheld camera, interviewing and titling techniques.

The DVD is produced by NJP¹s friend and colleague, Skip Blumberg, himself one of the first generation of video artists and an award-winning documentary videomaker. His videos are distributed by, and the Museum of Modern Art.

Made possible with public funds from the NYS Council on the Arts, a State Agency, and support from the Experimental TV Center.

INITIAL RELEASE PRICES (thru Spring, 2007) direct from the maker.
Home use: $25   Public Library/Media center/HS: $75     College: $110
Available on DVD or VHS.  Add $15 shipping in US. $22 International.

IMP, Inc.  373 Broadway #E3  NY, NY 10013    212-431-8480phone  212-431-8603fax

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