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<nettime-ann> new issue of transversal web journal: practices of transmuting signs


practices of transmuting signs
transversal web journal

Transmutation is the transformation of one object into another. In alchemy, it is mostly associated with making gold. In linguistic theory, we understand it to mean a process of intersemiotic translation. For Roman Jakobson, transmutation is “a rendering of linguistic signs by means of signs from non-linguistic systems of signification.” Instead of the alchemists’ pursuit of gold, this process of transmutation involves the search for forms of articulation that go beyond language. The texts brought together in this web journal describe such semiotic procedures, which can no longer be grammatically embedded in an existing system. In this sense, transmutation opens up new political possibilities. Transgressing the rules of the dominant order in a targeted way can give rise to new forms of rebellion that express a desire to undermine or abolish those rules. The new political condition is the very gold into which these forms of rebellion seek to transmute current conditions through a series of combative practices: political activism, theatre or the rap of the French suburbs.


Ljubomir Bratić: A Strategy of Deployment. Reflections on the play “Liebesforschung”
Anja Kanngieser
: Gestures of Everyday Resistance. The Significance of Play and Desire in the Umsonst Politics of Collective Appropriation
Helmut Neundlinger:
Language Running Wild. Liberation of the _expression_. On the Project of a "Degenerate Language" with Ernst Jandl
Efthimia Panagiotidis:
The “Good News” of Precarization. On the Symbolism of Superheroines in the Era of a Post-Fordist Flood of Signs
David Querrien / Kevin Vrolant / Anne Querrien:
From Rap to Slam: Music and Speech Intertwined
Rosa Reitsamer: Provocation, Poetry and Politics. Fragments of a Feminist Lesbian Queer Rock and Pop History
Joanne Richardson: Memoirs of a Video Activist

New text in the “thematic strands“
Gerald Raunig: The Monster Precariat

translate discursive lines - upcoming events

Culture, Politics and History in Contemporary Latvia
Lectures by Berthold Molden and Mara Traumane
27 April 2007, 19.00 | Depot, Breite Gasse 3, 1070 Vienna

Displaying Postcoloniality
On the Project for a Museum of the Present on the Island of Réunion
Lecture by Françoise Vergès
3 May 2007, 19.00 | Depot, Breite Gasse 3, 1070 Vienna

Migration, BürgerInnenschaft und Grenzen im postkolonialen Europa
Vortrag von Sandro Mezzadra
22 June 2007, 19.00 | Depot, Breite Gasse 3, 1070 Vienna

translate. Beyond Culture: The Politics of Translation


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