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..sagasnet....MEDIA 2007....................................................
_Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar___________________________
___________________________________Stuttgart, Germany April 29 - May 5 2007_

The Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar will take place, again,
in Stuttgart, Germany  - parallel to and in cooperation
with the fmx/07.
During the Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar 14 selected
interactive narrative projects in development will be provided in parallel
with high-profile face-to-face consulting sessions (on financing, project
management, marketing, story structure, interaction design...).

So far the following experts have confirmed to contribute as speakers and/or
consultants: Frank Boyd (UK), Chris Hales (UK), Sibylle Kurz (D), Raimo Lang
(FIN), Peter Olaf Looms (DK), Mark Ollila (FIN), Michael Rüger (D), Lee
Sheldon (USA), Nathan Shedroff (USA), Inga von Staden (D), Teut Weidemann
(D), Ingo Wolf (D).

The seminar provides a unique networking platform for writers, producers,
artists, entrepreneurs with interactive narrative projects in development.

Applications for attending the seminar, only, are still welcome until April
_________________________________details & enrolment_______ www.sagasnet.de_

... MEDIA 2007....Development...............................................

The MEDIA 2007 Development Call for Proposals is online available at:

Project-development funding (available for feature films, documentaries,
animation and multi media) under the MEDIA programme is designed to meet the
needs of two types of production company:

* medium-sized companies with previous international experience and
sufficient financial capacity to take on several projects at the same time.
Such companies can apply for slate funding (i.e. for a package of
* smaller companies, with limited financial capacity, seeking to develop a
single project. These companies can apply for two types of funding:
1. individual projects.
2. new talent (closed: deadline has been in Feb. 2007, next call announced
for spring 2008) - for projects for which the company participated in a
training activity funded by MEDIA  in the three years before the call for

16 April 2007 for /_Single Project and /_Slate funding.

.... Nordic Game Programme...developer support ...deadline: april 15 2007...
As part of the Nordic Game Program¹s launch last year, a total of 2 million
Danish crowns (DKK) was granted for development support to Nordic game
companies. This amount has been more than doubled for 2007, with the funds
to be allocated over two application rounds.
The first round has just been initiated, and Nordic game development
companies can send in their projects for evaluation by the Development
Support Expert Group now. The application deadline is 12.00 pm on 15 April

.... d/Art/07 Festival ... Call for Works ..................................
d/Art/07 is presented in a program of screenings and an exhibition in Sydney
in July 2007.
d/Lux/MediaArts is calling for works in the following categories:
-  Screen: Experimental single channel video works with a maximum duration
of 15 minutes
-  Web: Online works suitable for exhibition in a gallery environment
-  Locative / Mobile: Artworks specifically made with or for mobile
technologies. The nature of the artwork may range from video to games to
locative and social networking applications.
-   Transmedia: Artworks that are a mix of all of the above, that
have unique components across video, web and/or mobile.
Please go to for details and entry forms.
The call for entries closes on 30 April 2007.
_____________details: ___________________________

Best regards, 

Brunhild Bushoff

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Developing Interactive Narrative Content.
München: HighText 2005 (ISBN 3-933269-92-X)
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