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<nettime-ann> Upgrade! Lisbon in April featuring Olivier Perriquet





26.04.07: Olivier Perriquet
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19:00 @ Lisboa20 Arte Contemporânea
Rua Tenente Ferreira Durão 18B (Campo de Ourique)


Olivier Perriquet was born in Lille, France in 1974. He is both a media artist and a scientific researcher. After having completed a master degree in pure maths and a PhD in computer science, he currently works as a researcher in the bioinformatics department at the Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CENTRIA) in Lisbon. His ongoing artistic work is inspired by a scientific approach that leads to performances and installations and often makes reference to scientific protocols, in which the public is actively involved but not always in control of their interactions, contrary to what they might believe or feel during their experience of the work.


In 2002, as a performer, he started to experiment with the cinematic live event. During these performances, he explores the mental images of childhood contained in family footage of the 70s and searches for new narative forms, naming them protonarrative, in which the spectator sees himself responsible for part of the construction of the narratio of the work. The images - sequences of ordinary life taken fro super8 amateur films - are composed live via a set of mechanical picture machines and hybrid 16 mm projectors connected to a computer.


In parallel, Perriquet also graduated from Le Fresnoy with first class honors. Lately he has focused his work on the behaviour of the body and its immersion into a virtual world. Within a protocol that looks permissive, the public finds itself involved in the ambivalence of game (playing within a set of predefined rules) and play (i.e. playing a role, playing an instrument). The nstallation is based on the hypothesis that the motions of the body may witness somehow one's personality and thus unveil the strategies one has developed in order to grow up.


During the talk he will expose the leading directions of his artistic work and thoughts. He may also make an insight into some mathematical aspects of bioinformatics in order to give a certain experience of the scientific approach. The title, written as a comment line in a c++ code should be considered as an underlying guideline of the talk. 



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