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<nettime-ann> Media and Interaction Design @ FH Joanneum, Graz


Media and Interaction Design @ FH Joanneum, Graz

A degree in the master programme Media and Interaction Design provides various professional opportunities in the fields of all the creative industries. The main focus of this programme lies on the design of multi-media contents as well as of communication and interaction processes which help to convey multi-media contents to the user.

The following areas are included in the Media and Interaction Designers' fields of activity:

Communication Design
The main emphasis of Communication Design lies in advertising, public relations and communication of cultural institutions and of sciences. Priority is given to the interpretation, editing and communication of information in the widest sense. The creative and technical means range from posters to new media.

Interaction Design
Interaction Design deals with the user-centered design of technical instruments and multi-media information and communication systems, taking mainly functional and ergonomic features into account. Usability design of interfaces of everyday life is as important as the development of more advanced interface scenarios: Interaction Designers create software interfaces, UMTS-mobiles, PDAs, input devices of consumer electronics as well as interactive multi-media visualisation spaces, multi-media installations or augmented realities.

Generation of Content and Editing of Information
The media need content which has to be designed according to the technologies used. Especially with new technologies such as virtual reality or computer game design media-dramaturgical skills are needed in order to create these new multi-media spaces. In the field of video and audio production design projects which link traditional media and new technologies to create aesthetically advanced solutions are required.

Conceptional work takes place in the fields of creative direction, art direction, technical concepts and marketing. The students need interdisciplinary thinking in order to discern possible space for design projects even in areas in which they maybe do not have all the necessary technical knowledge. They should also be able to strategically plan these design projects in a dramaturgically meaningful way.

Project Management / Project Communication
Project management, the communication with the customer and the communication within the team are of special importance in complex projects. In order to successfully complete these tasks, a talent for organizing, psychological skills as well as an excellent comprehension of creative processes and their necessity is crucial.

In order to prepare the students well for a great number of job opportunities, they first attend introductory courses in which the basics are conveyed. Then a combination of design courses, humanities, technical and economical subjects is offered in which in depth knowledge of all aspects of media and interaction design is being taught, providing practically oriented instruction. Additionally, students work in "real world projects", carried out in cooperation with companies of the creative industries, but also with cultural institutions such as festivals, media centres, etc. Within these projects students have the possibility of establishing their own priorities in order to further specialize. At the end of this master programme, students write a master thesis, proving their educational success.

Media and Interaction Designer do not only have design competence and special media-technical knowledge, but also interdisciplinary thinking which comprises many aspects of Media and Interaction Design. In addition to their responsibility of design matters they have the ability to interpret design processes in the media from a general view and to cross the boundaries of the state of the art of media processes and techniques. They know how to use media technologies in a dramaturgically meaningful way. Moreover, they are able to show understanding for cultural and economical processes in their field of activity. Being a generalist, they have the best qualifications for a varied career.

After having completed the master programme "Media and Interaction Design" the potential professional fields include new media agencies, web design agencies, the advertising industry, graphic and design agencies, the game industry and event management. Media and interaction designers work for cultural institutions such as museums and festivals, for film and video production companies, for the telecommunications industry as well as for companies and research facilities dealing with human-computer interfaces. In short: opportunities open up wherever design competence coupled with multi-media production plays a role.

Important dates and other information to do with your application to the FH Joanneum can be found on the website mid.fh-joanneum.at

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