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<nettime-ann> [call] for participants: Score Spaces Workshop

Call for Participants: applications until 27 September

Score Spaces Workshop
19 - 24 November 2007
Hosted by Intro | In Situ, Maastricht
Led by Yolande Harris
Guest Speaker Jacob Kirkegaard
Guest Performance Spin with Yolande Harris and Hilary Jeffery
more information: http://introinsitu.nl/workshop/
contact email: webmaster@stichtingintro.nl

A Score Space is a spatial approach to musical composition in an electronically extended environment. This collaborative, cross-disciplinary workshop will address the following issues:
How can the practice of musical composition integrate the techniques and ideas of sound, image and space?
How can the musical score be transformed for the practice of electronic instrumental music and media art?
How can interactions between sound, electronics, the body and space expand the musical instrument?

The focus of this workshop is to create scores, which map the spatial interactions between performer/instrumentalist, audience and sound. The scores may be graphic, moving, invisible or inscribed in the space by the movements and interactions of the people. Various spatial sensing techniques can be explored to incorporate motion, location and environmental data into the interaction with sound. The performance of SPIN will act as an example of a score space.

The Score Spaces Workshop aims to create a platform for composers/artists to practically experiment with ideas of score and instrument in a technologically extended environment. Building on Yolande Harris' research Score Spaces, the workshop will provide an opportunity for artistic development through practice and group discussion. The results of the participants experiments and compositions will be publicly presented in the form of a performance or installation on the final evening at the contemporary music and sound art venue Intro | In Situ.


The workshop is suitable for composers, sound artists and musicians who have worked with other media. It will also be relevant to artists with backgrounds in visual art (media art, video), architecture, interaction design, dance or film, who also work with sound. Each participant will need to have sufficient technical and conceptual proficiency to contribute to the group.

The workshop is intensive and residential, for between 6 and 10 participants. The participants are expected to work with their own computer where possible and bring any specialist interfaces or instruments. Basic equipment including sensors and interfaces will be provided. Each participant is required to contribute 300 euros to cover accommodation and meals.

Important dates:
September 27 - application deadline (arrival at Intro | In Situ)
October 10 - notification
November 18 - arrival in Maastricht
November 19 - 24 - workshop
November 21 - performance SPIN
November 24 - public presentation of workshop at Intro | In Situ

Requirements for application:
 Contact details
 Short statement of why you want to join this workshop
 Curriculum vitae
 2 examples of artistic work that support and show interest in this area

Send the above material to reach the address below before 27 September: Score Spaces Workshop Stichting Intro | In Situ Postbus 160 6200 AD Maastricht The Netherlands


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