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<nettime-ann> CALL FOR PROPOSALS: <AREA 10: MEDIALAB /> () RE | BOOT;


Who: New media, interactive, digital, sound artists, activist and performers
What: Exhibition/Event
When: 11th - 12th April

() RE | BOOT;

2 days and 1 special evening will launch <AREA 10: MEDIALAB/> presenting artworks, performances and presentations from artists, collectives and hackers working within the New Media and Digital realm.

Area 10 Project space is pleased to launch the new media lab platform. The medialab is being introduced to facilitate the development of research and art practices using open source new technologies in the media arts. <AREA 10: MEDIALAB /> will focus on engaging cross-disciplinary collaborations between various arts and science based practices, encouraging open and critical discussion in addition to sharing knowledge and skills transfer.

<AREA 10: MEDIALAB/> invites submissions of presentations, installations, performances and demonstrations around the ideas of open source free software, new media, sound art, interactive media, hacking and particularly from those with an interest in networks and collaborative practice.

Email proposal to:

Deadline: 29/02/08

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