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<nettime-ann> Reminder: Computer Arts Society February Meeting: Alan Sutcliffe

Non-members are welcome to attend so please pass this notice on
to anyone who may be interested.  Like most CAS meetings there is
no charge for admission.

The CAS is pleased to announce it's first meeting of the New Year
which will be given by the CAS founder and editor of PAGE:

Alan Sutcliffe

Recent Graphics and Animations using some Maths

Tuesday, 19 February 2008  (note 3rd Tuesday)
6:60 for 7:00; System Simulation Ltd
Bedford Chambers, The Piazza Covent Garden
London WC2E 8HA, England

A simple method to generate irregular but smooth curves will be
described, together with shading to give 3-d forms. The method
uses the repeated addition of differences of differences of
differences in one co-ordinate for unit change in the other
co-ordinate. Drawing in the XOR mode gives unexpected benefits in
this context. The anatomy of the XOR operator applied to
grey-scales and colours will be illustrated. This is an extended
version of the talk given at the Bridges Conference at Donostia
in July 2007, updated with some more recent animations based on
these and other mathematical methods.

In 1967 Alan Sutcliffe wrote a program, to compose electronic
music, which ran on an ICL 1900 computer. The music was realised,
from a paper tape of the score, in the electronic music studio of
Peter Zinovieff. When this won second prize in the International
Computer Music Competition at IFIP 68 in Edinburgh he was
prompted to propose the formation of a Computer Arts Society that
he chaired until 1979.  During 2007 he has exhibited in Bremen,
Graz, Donostia and Karlsruhe. An early graphic, thought lost,
turned up in the CAS Collection during its hand-over to the
Victoria & Albert Museum. Alan now edits PAGE – the bulletin of
the CAS.

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