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<nettime-ann> new issue of transversal web journal: testimonies


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transversal web journal

“This idiom is fundamentally untranslatable, even if we translate it,” wrote Jacques Derrida about a poem by Paul Celan, which not only speaks about witnessing, but can also be understood as a testimony itself. What is it that makes testimonies untranslatable? And what leads us to translate them nevertheless? The texts of the current edition of transversal explore these questions as well as practices and ways of dealing with testimony in confrontation with the Shoah, in Latin American testimonios or in querying postcolonial historiography. They thus move along a border between translatability and untranslatability: an unstable border that touches the very conditions of speaking and hearing, where the possibility of translation also has its place.


Santiago Cotzal: Digging up Memories. The Value of the Word “Testimony” in Guatemala
Karoline Feyertag:
The Art of Seeing and the Ethics of the Gaze
Brigitta Kuster:
“J’y étais”. On Continuing the Speaking of Testimonies from the Year 1892
Stefan Nowotny:
Affirmation in Loss. On the Question of Testimony
Hito Steyerl:
Can Witnesses Speak? On the Philosophy of the Interview
Tom Waibel:
Metaphysical Assertions. On the Truths of Others

translate. Beyond Culture: The Politics of Translation

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