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<nettime-ann> Upcoming exhibition: Sonic Voices, Rocking Hard

Sonic Voices, Rocking Hard
August 30 – November 2, 2008
opening August 29, 5:00 p.m.

Guy Bar Amotz, Bunny Rabbit & Black Cracker, Nathalie Bruys, Heidi 
Happy, Kim Hiorthøy, Christine Ödlund, Jonas Ohlsson, planningtorock, 
Jan Rohlf, Lina Selander, Annika Ström, Venour and video clips for 
Björk, the Knife and CocoRosie

Nathalie Bruys is an audio artist and co-curator of 'Sonic Voices, 
Rocking Hard'. Her own way of working forms the heart of the exhibition. 
Bruys is interested in a multidisciplinary art practice. In addition to 
the fascination with sound and music, the artists Bruys has brought 
together for this show also share this wide-branching interest.

'Sonic Voices, Rocking Hard' shows a personal selection by Bruys from 
very diverse approaches and art forms that make use of sound and music. 
The works have been created by young artists with highly varied 
backgrounds. What they have in common is a sincere love of music, audio 
and art within their multifaceted artistic universe.

'Sonic Voices, Rocking Hard' presents forms of 'audio art' that appeal 
to the imagination, including speaker sculptures by Guy Bar Amotz and 
drawings by Jonas Ohlsson, Kim Hiorthøy, Nathalie Bruys and Jan Rohlf in 
which sound plays a role. Annika Ström shows her video 'The Missed 
Concert' and a text work. As well as looking at the drawings mentioned 
above, visitors to the gallery can also listen to a cd with music by 
Ohlsson, Hiorthøy, Ström and Bruys. Listening posts have been designed 
for hearing the cd. 'Sonic Voices, Rocking Hard' brings the visual and 
musical work that these artists produce together in one exhibition.

In addition there are works to be seen by musicians/artists who are 
better known for their musical creations than for their visual work. For 
instance, Planningtorock made a video installation for this exhibition 
with props that appear in her videos and video clips. Further there is a 
3D video clip made for Björk by Encyclopedia Pictura exhibited in the 
form of an installation, and in the video lounge on the ground floor 
there are a number of video clips to be seen, for the Knife, CocoRosie, 
Bunny Rabbit & Black Cracker, and 'du da, ich da' by Heidi Happy, which 
was her graduation project at the Rietveld Academy in 2008. Here there 
is no distinction made between musician and visual artist or between 
visual artist and filmmaker. A number of those who made the videos also 
themselves made the music in them.

Nathalie Bruys draws her inspiration from the forms of sonic art and 
music mentioned here, and also shows her own personal multi-disciplinary 
practice in this exhibition. In addition to a new installation, drawings 
and a cd, she presents the web project 'Soundmuseum' which she initiated 
together with Katja van Stiphout. For this exhibition the 'Soundmuseum' 
has been incorporated in an audio installation, and officially goes 'on 
air' on September 14 in the Netherlands Media Art Institute. The 
'Soundmuseum' collects online audio exhibitions and compiles and 
archives the sounds of sonic artists.

During the Uitmarkt on August 29, 30 and 31 performances by a number of 
artists from the exhibition will take place on the Stubnitz boat moored 
on the head of Java Island. On Friday Kim Hiorthøy appears, and Jonas 
Ohlsson performs live together with Daniela Bershan; between 
performances they will be at the turntable with records. Saturday 
Nathalie Bruys does her thing and Planningtorock closes off the evening 
with a performance. More info on

Opening hours Tuesday - Saturday and firts Sunday of the month from 1: 
00 - 6:00 pm
Extra open on Sunday August 30 and September 14
Entrance 2,50 (1,50 with discount).

Netherlands Media Art Institute
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdams
The Netherlands
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