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<nettime-ann> Intensive Physical Theater Training - October 19-27, Alps

October 19 - 27, 2008
Bovec, Slovenia
I n t e r n a t i o n a l    P h y s i c a l    T h e a t r e    L a b o r a t o r y

The Lab will take place in the mountain resort Bovec town located in the Julian Alps.
During the Lab hotel accommodation (eight nights) and meals are provided for participants.

PROGRAMME: Physical training is the core of the Lab programme. Participants will explore physicality as the key to form, style, atmosphere and emotional palette in contemporary performance. The process includes intensive practical training, lectures and discussion club. The Lab is open to performers from different countries and backgrounds inspired by Physical Theater as a bold, vibrant and multidimensional approach to contemporary theatre performance. 

PARTICIPANTS: Actors of physical, dramatic, dance and musical theatres, circus performers, dancers, choreographers and directors.
REGISTRATION: Candidates should send a CV (resume) and a brief letter of motivation to stating the title, dates and place of the event. 


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