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<nettime-ann> HYDROUS'08, 21 August 2008, Rotterdam


Direct inquiries to Hydrous’08 organizer, Katie Vann   

H Y D R O U S'08 is an occasion for sharing the ideas and techniques  
of scholars and artists who are working at the intersection of  
science, technology and water governance issues.  The aim is to  
gather together and contribute to the formation of what is now a  
nascent zone of governance research and artistic practice. The event  
is free and open to 4S/EASST participants and the public.  HYDROUS’08  
is held in conjunction with the bi-annual meetings of the Society for  
Social Studies of Science (4S) and the European Association for  
Social Science and Technology, and will be held in the performance  
spaces of V2_ Institute for Unstable Media [], in  
Rotterdam.  Goings on will be streamed at


HYDROUS'08 will take place on August 21 ‘08
v2Institute for unstable media
eendrachsstraat 10
3012 XL rotterdam

Mix: 18:00
Scholars’ panel: 18:30
Artists’ panel: 20:30
Remix: 22:30


juan c. aceros meredith anderson alice angus brandon bellengee andrea  
ballestero wiebe bijker dj morsanek thomas mcintosh paige miller  
anders kristian munk niels schoorlemmer saravanan v. subramanian yuji  
tateishi katie vann jeremy walker joshka wessels paul wouters + you

enabled by the generous sponsorship of the netherlands organization  
for scientific research shifts in governance program
the virtual knowledge studio for the humanities and social sciences

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